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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by stondgreengiant, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. just for some background information, sadly i live in the USA. I'm tired of having a president and his whole cabinet that is so anti marijuana! It's such bullshit. Has anyone been on NORML lately? 72, yes SEVENTY TWO percent of the American population is pro legalization of marijuana. Then why cant we get this great thing legalized? I'm sure we could get the hugest petition ever. but would it do anything? We need to swing into action. The closest substance to marijuana is alcohol, as in teh way that it has mild effects, they legalized alcohol, but alcohol has much worse properties than marijuana. You hear of all kinds of domestic violence issues with people who are drunk, and about people fighting others, or people killing others, from the influence of alcohol. Have you ever met a violent pothead? If everyone in america or the world for that matter were baked, everyone would just smile at eachother as they passed by. and people would come up with so many great ideas and have new exciting thoughts that they could never come up with without grass. Is it really worth a government systems money, the peoples tax dollars, to go toward having police looking to bust people for bud, to pay expenses of having to hold people in jail and penetentaries, when they could make it legal, have a happier and calmer society, and then tax the shit out of us and make money on it rather than lose it. I dont see why it's not legalized. I'm sorry for rambling on, but its just bullshit, and something needs to be changed.
  2. Check out the legalization forum. but..I really do feel your pain. You know that commercial with the little girl and the pool? "Just tell your parents you were out gettin stoned, they'll understand." I've seen it many times before...but today it downright pissed the shit out of me. I'm so fed up with this shit, that's why I've started reading stuff on NORML and the legalization forum, if enough people do this, it will be legalized. peace
  3. I agree with you 100%.

    The sad fact is, over 600,000 people are arrested every year for simple possession.

    To put that in perspective, that's more than the population of Boston, Massachusetts.

    The best thing you can do, besides writing to your congressmen/women using your own letter or some of the prewritten ones on NORML, is to VOTE for politicians who will support marijuana law reform.

    Of the current Democratic front-runners (sorry, Kucinich and Sharpton!), Massachusetts Senator John Kerry seems to be the most pro-pot candidate, according to NORML's Presidential Candidate Report Card: . Kerry is currently neutral on decriminalization, but is pro-medical-mj. He sounds like he'd at least be in the position to come to the right decision about marijuana once he's in office.

    But honestly, any one of the Democratic candidates will be better than Bush. Seriously. Even Lieberman.

    But, I'd still recommend you VOTE KERRY in the primaries, and then hopefully in November!

    Kerry 2004!
  4. There were two of these threads so I merged them together and it now is in the Legalization forum only. *
  5. yeah sorry about the double thread, i posted it, meaning to do so in teh activism, and then realized i messed up and then put one here, thanks for merging them though.

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