Not a friend in the world.

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  1. Fuck friends and fuck family.. they're both usually there only for when shit gets rough for them.. once you realize the only person you truly got is yourself then youll be better off
  2. That's why I have three too many friends. :cool:
  3. Fuck friends, keep everything the way it is. All you have is yourself even through death. Once you get that through your head everything will be fine. But if you're truly a lonely person, get a dog or cat. Or just stick to family. My brother is literally my only best friend who I tell EVERYTHING too. I can't do that with my "friends". They have big mouths. 
  4. Same here OP. I don't really have any friends either, spend all my time at home alone, at work, or at school.
    The great thing about the internet is that you are anonymous. You can be as open as you want with random people. Gain wisdom and perspectives and people that you would never meet in person.
    Anyone can feel free to pm me if they want to talk about anything.
  5. Family isn't blood family help you with your problems
  6. Im in the same boat as you dude, my 'mates' who dont smoke weed just drifted away from me but I have a couple people I can talk to most of the time, but we barely hang out. Some people i smoke with dont go to my school or live nearish to me so we only chill if i go to there's as they are too lazy to ride/walk/get dropped at mine. So yeah most of the time I get medicated by myself then either go to work/ go for a skate/ play ps3 at home. If anyone wants to talk, just send me a pm. Or if you have ps3 add me 'normac16' Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. [quote name="snoopdog6502" post="19414528" timestamp="1390804807"] Don't let is get to you. The friends I have don't come around unless they want something. I have the answer, get a nice pit bull. I take my bitch with me everywhere.[/quote]This my nigga... go to the pound, look around and adopt the pitbull that wants to come thru the cage to tackle you and give you slobbery pitbull-kisses.... pits are the shit, they are your best friend, will love you even after you yell at them for something bad, will ALWAYS be excited when you come home, and have an ultra high drive to please you. If you love a pit it will express love to you and all other beings. Just always have that beast on a leash... for how awesome they are, they are powerful animals... if a big bad chihuahua runs up and bites... well it will most likely die... so your pit better be leashed or it's getting put downsent from underneath my balls
  8. Also about the family thing... i gave up my 'friends' in 2012.... realized they were all fucking pricks. Started living with 'family' my cousins... they fucked me tooo.. i told the stpry here.... my cousin quadrupled my rent in one day (and i did everything there... cooked cleaned... hell i bought a mop, bucket and floor cleaner... she had none and her floors were shitttttyyyyy) anyway...Your mom and dad are the only two human beings on earth who are genetically encoded to give a flying fuck about you. Trust in them, be grateful to them. I learned over a decade i shouldnt be a prick to mom n dad... even after all that they got my back 100.... makes a nigga shed a tear...sent from underneath my balls
  9. Know how you feel bro my friends at the minute don't seam to give a shit just use me for what they want I've giving up caring look out for your self it'll right itself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. [quote name="Finger My Urethra" post="19414513" timestamp="1390804483"]You need to discover things about yourself in order to find people you really click with.[/quote]Words of wisdom. You need to fully accept and be aware of your self before you can expect anyone else to.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. As you get older the nature of friendship changes. When I was in high school my friends were my brothers, but now that I'm in my twenties and going to school/working, my friends are the people I choose pass my downtime with. It's part of acclimating your self to adult life and it can be a painful transition.
    A girlfriend would probably cure your loneliness.
  12. I know it sounds super narcissistic, but you got to learn to love being with yourself sometimes. I have some good buddies, but to me, nothing beats sitting in my room, smoking a few bowls, and maybe playing some video games or watching a movie. But absolutely, friends are important. If you want more friends you should get out there, meet people, see who you connect with.
  13. The only people I consider "real friends" are also the people I consider family.
  14. pretty much this. when things get rough you quickly learn who your real friends are. turns out i have 1 real friend.
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    Born alone, I'll die alone. I'm alone even in a crowded room. Know what? That makes me my only threat....and I'm cool with that. But I'm a Taurus....I think it's safer that way. My only real friend is my wife....who is also a Taurus and also keeps her loose ends to a minimum. You a Taurus OP?
    why are we so alone even with company.
  17. Friends are overrated I think. It's good to have at least one person you can turn to maybe a family member or something.

    I just have a couple of friends from school but they live far off. I can't name a single friend who lives close by
  18. I feel you OP. I have friends but I don't have anyone I would call my best friend or even a good friend. The only best friend I've had in the last year was my now ex girlfriend, obviously she's not my best friend anymore. You'll find some chill people eventually, no doubt about it Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum

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