Not a dream, yet not a hallucination

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. ok this happens to me alot. Like this one time for example i was REALLY stoned and drunk and i was at my friends house there was about 10 people there. well i went and laid down in my friends room with the door open and i could still see some people out in the dining room talkin and shit. I was real fucked up so i just layed down and closed my eyes the lights were all off cept a lil blue one and the radio was playin kinda loud. Then for some reason i thought people came in and were around me talkin and just chillen in his room and like i could see them and shit as if my eyes were open and i was just layin there. this seemed to go on about 10 min but prolly was only like one. Then i open my eyes and was real shocked to see i was still the only one in the room.

    i always have these "things" sometimes ill be layin in a bed and be thinkin i am in a car and all kinds of crazy shit and im not even completely sleepin its so real like i am still awake i think normal and everything sometimes i even talk to the people. Which normally leaves people like what the hell is she talkin about if there are other people in the room. And i NEVER talk in my sleep. And when people say suttin i kinda snap outta the trance. I dunno does this happen to ne one else?
  2. sounds like the same thing that happens in a sensory depravation tank
    it is when you turned your senses off so your brain had to make up something to keep it from being bored
  3. i know exactly how you feel man.

    happens to me when i lay out in the sun on my deck in the summer.
  4. yeah that happens to me, like your eyes are still kinda open as you go to sleep and you can see your room yet you are surounded by the 'dream.' a lot of the time i 'wake up' from these when something happens that causes me to jerk, like i get the sensation that im falling or a soccer ball is flying towards my face
  5. yea i get that even when i'm sober, its jus when your startin to fall asleep and you go into hypnosis, kinda like the state before you start dreaming. haha in school i put my head down and i think theres a kid turned around talkin to me but theres like nobody in front of me for 3 desks, its kinda cool.

  6. Whenever I sleep in school I always go into a deep sleep, then randomly I'll twitch, but i'll actually jump like, 3 inches up out of my chair. The whole class always looks at it when I do that shit, and I always feel like an ass for doing it.....
  7. hahaha yea that shit happens to me to and i always try to cover it by movin around n shit haha. sometimes i like make noises in my sleep that wake me up and i try to cover them with a cough.
  8. i usually wake up because i start falling out of the seat and catch myself before i hit the ground. heh

  9. No cuz daydreaming you kinda just zone out and think. These you dont like control what is goin on.
  10. i just had one of these, laying on my couch really tired. i was dreaming about surfing around on the good old GC! w00t!

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