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  1. Just curious if anyone else is playing, it's a vanilla WoW private server. If you are hit me up, I'm aituul on the pvp server, 60 gnome mage, also have a horde warlock i'm leveling up, lvl 14 currently. Warlocks name is aituull. Don't have any toons on the pve server atm but i'm planning to make one once the AQ gates event is over, so i can experience it twice. Also, if your thinking about trying it i'd say go for it, it's an awesome server and i'm loving it so far. Hoping to add some people, looking forward to the responses.
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  2. Looks pretty good for a private server. So it's pretty close to retail no custom items pay to win stuff? And it actually has a population? I may have to check this one out.
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  3. Yeah it's pretty awesome imo, been having a blast so far, not to many bugs either and the scripting is good, best private server out there i think, i'm honestly having way more fun on this than retail atm. Hit me up ingame if you decide to check it out, can run through some dgs or something.
  4. Yeah I'm downloading the client now. Don't really care for retail past tbc, and got tired of the high rate privates along time ago. so this is exciting to see a good blizzlike server. I'll probably roll ally though.
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  5. Glad to see you join. If you decide to roll on the pvp server add my mage or lock, i'm on all the time, just smoking and playing :p.
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  6. ya I added you Bajaii on ally pvp.
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    Definitely want in on this. I was sad Feenix went down.

    Got the client. Aitul I'll roll on the pvp server Ally if your gnome is willing to lend a helping hand. A helpful 60 is worth a ton when starting Vanilla from scratch.
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  8. It's a great server I'm almost level 23 now.
  9. I've been playing this a little bit, I've been craving vanilla wow for years now, I've never had as much fun playing wow as when it launched in 2004, I literally played all day every day the first ten months the game came out. So many good memories of taren mill battles, or griefing the shit out of people in stranglethorn vale! I'm a little hesitant to invest too much time into a server that might not be up long though we shall see what kind of longevity it has. Dwarf rogue named Pewtytang on PVP server.
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  10. I was in college when Vanilla hit and I may as well have jacked it into my veins. The fact that I graduated was a sheer act of wonder considering I was playing that game 25 hours per day. I had an active social/athletic circle going on and was involved with what would eventually become the first company I work for, but from 2004 to maybe 2008 Epics > RL. Back when epics meant something. When we first downed Ragnaros about 70 people in Ventrillo lost their mind. You don't see that today maybe anywhere other than professional gaming events.

    I'm on the PvP server as well, realizing my own masochism as I appear to be, yet once again, leveling a warrior in Vanilla.

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  11. I extremely want to try this out but i know im not going to be able to have any time to play. I easily get sucked in to WoW almost every time i start playing it again but sadly i wouldnt have time to be able to really enjoy this game again. The work + school struggle

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  12. I played nodtalrius a while back but I didn't get too into it. There seemed to be a decent amount of people on but I never really got with a group and leveling alone to 60 in vanilla again, I quickly lost interest and went back to raiding on live. The server is good though. Well maintained and def populated

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  13. I'm glad to see people are interested in it, I've been having a blast myself. I just love the pacing of vanilla and the fact that you have to be careful with your pulls and whatnot, there's a lot more depth to it. Leveling is a grind ya but just invest like a couple hours per day and you'll have fun. Sorry for the late reply I didn't notice, added ya'll in game.
    I've just been farming gold lately, it's pretty relaxing, it's always easy to find a pug raid so i don't really worry about keeping a schedule. Just love vanilla and hoping to see ya'll in game :p.
  14. And it's gone. :(
  15. I just heard the news, nostalrius is being shut down. Sad day, such a shame. Vanilla wow is / was great, i was really excited for the AQ war effort and raiding naxxramas, glad i atleast got to enjoy it while it lasted though. I still have a retail account, but that's not fun, not sure what i'll be doing next. Such a shame :(
  16. Damn.. didn't know it got shut down. I was playing it.. had a troll hunter that I was leveling. I always rocked the hunter, or shadow priest.. so many memories from playing retail. I started playing not long before BC hit.. and I still think about starting my retail account back up, but can't get into all the changes. I was playing Nostarlius for awhile and was thinking the other day about starting back up, but damn.

    Sad, but I do miss WoW at times. Such a perfect escape from reality.. but such a time sink. I was one of the first few people on my server to get that special drake mount you get from doing all the holiday stuff.
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  17. I still can't believe this happened, I really loved this server and enjoyed every minute playing there. Still a few days left before it get's shut down permanently, i'll just be smoking and playing vanilla wow until the end. I don't think there will ever be a private server quite like nostalrius, it was perfect in every way and i've enjoyed my time here much more than i ever have on retail. I'll keep playing private servers, but theres none quite as good as nostalrius.
  18. I was planning to start playing this server today after work. I figured I had my full weekend so I wanted a huge nostalgia trip. So this sucks.

    It's not closed for a few days, but now I have absolutely no motivation to even try it out. Dammit Blizzard.

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  19. So let me get this straight. When fans of the old school game ask Blizzard to bring it back as a side server, Blizzard says no. When someone else brings it up for free, Blizzard shuts them down.

    So it's like one way or another, they are only interested in people not getting to play this version. The fact that they are suppressing Forum talk about this as well is some sinister evil corporation type shit. The kind of corporation that fkd up the original game to begin with starting with Cataclysm.

    Love original Bliz. Hate the current version.
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  20. Lame, was considering it. That game was life for a bit

    Was the first horde on my server to get Sulf, fun times
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