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  1. So I got myself some games from eras past mostly bioware games that I hadn't tried yet. They are Starwars KOTOR 1, Jade Empire, Mass effect and Fable 1.

    Which should I play first? I was thinking KOTOR because it is the oldest of the list and that way I won't be let down as much by graphics or gameplay mechanic annoyances? I don't know about the other games really (played Fable2, really enjoyed it). I'm trying to get an enjoying progression out of these titles where I don't end up feeling let-down going from 1 game to the next.

    What would you guys suggest?
  2. Fable 1 for sure, one of the best games ever to come out on the Xbox.

    Fable 2 is a piece of shit compared to Fable 1, do yourself a favor and play it first, you won't regret it.

    I bought Fable: The lost chapters awhile ago on a Steam sale, I REALLY need to re-play it.
  3. Mass Effect is one of my favorite game series, so I'd go with that, but KOTOR was fantastic. And I agree with Chipmunk, Fable 1 is the shit. The other two aren't nearly as good. I never got around to playing Jade Empire, but I heard it's pretty awesome.
  4. This

    Mass effect is so utterly beautiful. The soundtrack is literally my fav high music ever, beating out pink floyd imo haha. The universe is so charming and immersive, wow. Great gameplay mechanics and tech as well, of course HOLY FUCK is it insane when ur stones

    Kotor was fucking good too tho, amazing story and also very immersive, man bioware rocks i need to play jade empire

  5. Any of them man. You just named four of my favourite ever games.

    Fable would maybe be the best pick as you've played Fable 2. If you enjoyed Fable 2 then you'll love Fable. Press the Guild Seal.

    Mass Effect, Jade Empire and KOTOR are more engrossing but you should just get all of them to be honest.

    All amazing games.
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  7. If you want each game to be even better than before I'd go with

    Jade Empire
  8. Jade Empire all the way.
  9. kotor 1 and kotor 2 were great. It was the first game where you could choose what you wanted to say and it actually mattered.
  10. for some reason bioware just died suddenly after Dragon age origins. the later versions of ME were just cool shooters nothing more. compare that to finding the conduit on noveria and exploring the galaxy looking for saren with that cool sifi vibe music in the background.
  11. age of empires 2 and rome total war

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