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  1. Pretty recently i started getting feelings of intense nostalgia about my life before i started smoking and particularly of times when I was really bored and doing nothing.

    I always seem to recall nights in highschool by myself watching the same shows over and over again instead of being out with my friends. Being in my basement at any time always brings the worst feelings as its where i spent the majprity of my adolescense (Spelling?).

    Anyways, these feelings of nostalgia are getting so strong im having a hard time controlling them.

    Does anybody have a similar experience or can they shed some insight on the issue? Thanks Blades :]
  2. Well, I cannot relate to you personally, but I can try to give advice. Instead of looking back to the past, start making goals for yourself and look forward into your bright future. Try to read a book, or start exercising, or develop some new daily routine that you can look forward everyday that has a reward in the future for you! You can even start by doing a puzzle, or something like that! It'll take your mind off things. :wave:
  3. wow same thing happens to me, except i get nostalgia from when i first started smoking by myself in my room listening to bone thug weed songs. i dont see it as a sad thing but it almost makes me cry out of happiness and makes me want to bring those days back. nowadays it would be boring if all i did was smoke and listen to the same weed songs by myself.....just can't bring it back man.
  4. duude me too... Bone thugs.. good times.

    I used to think a lot about when i first started smoking. I mean you really can't bring it back. so i've thought about it time and time again, and felt those feelings.. but I think i overfelt them, now thinking about old times doesn't affect me as much anymore... I just appreciate that I got to experience it, and here I am moving on
  5. Nostalgia is looking back fondly on the past and wishing you could relive it. You have the opposite of nostalgia.
  6. I frequently get nostalgic feelings. I always think back to my younger teen years, when I could just smoke and do whatever the fuck I want and have no consequences, and all the great times I would have. I mean don't get me wrong I love my life now, but life just seemed so much better back then.
  7. It becomes increasingly easy, as you get older, to drown in nostalgia.
  8. Yes, heh I get these feelings when I log into WoW... Man I miss my old Alliance guild. Late nate raids, epic Ventrilo conversations, waiting for that last Tier piece to drop so you can complete your set. I miss those days. /end nostalgia
  9. Its good to know im never alone. I feel you gatorboi i used to be really into Runescape and different kinds of music and now it saddens me that i can't enjoy them anymore.

    If nostalgia is fond memories of the past then what is memories of the past that make you depressed?
  10. haha yeah i used to get that too when i started again. don't play anymore though. i don't think anything will ever be better then the community that game had pre-bc.
  11. There's certain albums for me that bring up different memories, and sometimes I'll be chillin with a friend and we'll get talking on a certain subject, like high school, and that's when I'll remember those times.
  12. I miss it all. Playing Halo online eating cake. Parents still being together. Sleeping on the futon. West Oaks park, smoking bud. Hanging out at the mall and then walking to the Oaks every weekend. My old girlfriend. Her taking me to Breckenridge, Colorado. All the parties. Playing guitar. High school . I know that doesn't make sense to alot of people, I put it in my own personal terms but that's how I want it. I miss it man. So bad. It was amazing compared to the shit life I have now.

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