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Nosey Neighbor

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by slezpass, May 19, 2010.

  1. i have lived in my apartment building for about 5 years and my husband has lived here for about 9-10 years. We have always smoked and never had any problems or complaints. We do the ozium spray after, we only smoke in one room, etc. We are seasoned smokers. Unfortunately last summer we got a new neighbor. She is a lady in her 30's-40's, lives alone, seems sorta uncool. We have always been very nice to her, my husband helped her when she got locked out of her apartment, etc.
    Today my landlord was knocking on my door at 9:30am asking me about marijuana. He stated someone was going to call the police about it but thought they should talk to him first. I denied it, but he knows we smoke. We have a huge pot leaf stained glass picture in our bathroom. He said he doesn't care that we smoke, but we need to be careful.
    Should I approach this new neighbor and ask if it was her? I do have an illness and the marijuana helps with the pain, but I do not have my medical card for it yet (I live in NJ). Do I explain this to the neighbor and tell her it is because I am sick? This is the 2nd time since she has moved in our landlord has said anything to us (we never had complaints before) so that is why we think it is our new neighbor. What can we do to mask the smoke smell besides the ozium? I am really mad because i don't drink alcohol but smoke, it helps with my illness, and now i can't even relax in my own apartment. My husband and I do not have parties, we do not have friends over, we are really quiet....How would you handle the situation? :cry:
  2. I suggest just going over and talking to her about how she feels about marijuana, and telling her you smoke because it helps your illness? I hope it works out well for you! Nothing worse then not being able to do what you want in your own apartment.
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    I would not admit to the neighbor at all.. That would enable her even further to call the police! If anything, I would approach the neighbor and turn the tables on her asking her if SHE smokes because you can smell marijuana smoke coming from her apartment.

    Maybe you should just smoke in the bathroom and let it go up the vent or something.. or just blow out a window that is not in the smoke path of her apartment.

  4. This^^^
  5. Well yeah i suppose that is better advice. Nobody really knows what personality your neighbour has but you!
  6. I would ask your landlord who is complaining about you. Explain that it would help clear the situation up if you could talk to this person. If it is the neighbor in question, explain your reasons, and assert your right to medicate.
    Good Luck.
  7. Somewhat reversing the situation on her is a good one, I'll give you that, but honestly, since your landlord knows and is cool with it, it's doubtful you're ever going to get in trouble there, so I would just avoid the situation altogether and simply invest in a vape.

    Most of the smell is gone there, and it is a lot healthier for you. My MFLB is still my go-to piece, so much that I feel bad for my spoon.:smoke:
  8. I would not say anything to your neighbor, that just gives her proof that u are smoking. honestly i have a shitty neighbor and lately when i smoke, he will talk to me about it and threaten to call the police. so logically i stopped smoking at my place. maybe u should stop smoking at your place for a little while.
  9. If your neighbor is really that big of an arse hole find a way to screw her hard.

    I would wait till she is out, plant like an OZ of stash in her place and call the police when she is back and say you can smell marijuana in her apartment.

    Then you wont have to deal with her crap. Or just move..... how hard is it to find another apartment. :hello:

  10. This.
    A vaporizer would be your best bet in this situation.
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    Vaporizing is definitely a good idea.
  12. I'd reccomend vaporizing, unless you want to stick out a confrontation with the bitch.

    Which might be fun/more rewarding in the end.

    It could also end up working against you, though.
  13. Vaporizing is the key. Don't talk to her. She'll just get more ammo from you. Don't plant weed on her like that dumbass said to do... He must have be joking or else he's a real idiot. Just lay low and get a vape.

    The Magic Flight Launch Box is no doubt the best portable ($99), giving you an excellent experience. It would be a good starter vape and would go a long way toward giving you piece of mind.

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  14. get her to smoke with you, just leave a polite note and tell her that she has greens.

  15. Why do people post stupid responses like this?
  16. 15 year olds.

    Like everyone said, get a vaporizer.
  17. Why you gotta hate?

    sorry, back to s00per srs mode.
  18. Figures...

    "Get him/her to smoke with you" seems to be the typical response all over the forum these days.
  19. You might wanna try going for a ride when you blaze or finding a quiet area to smoke up. Also why not try to prevent the smoke from escaping by using towels under the doors... I don't know I'm just trying to help.

    I love the fact that my apartment houses mainly college students so I ca literally go next door and grab some weed from my neighbors :cool:
  20. I feel for you, i hate people who can't just mind their own damn business. What you do the privacy of your own home should be of no concern to her. Like others said, vaping is a good solution.

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