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  1. I sometimes exhale thru my nose which then causes my nose to smell. anyone know how to get the smoke smell outta your nose?
  2. Spray febreeze up there.
  3. lmao good effort!
  4. omg hahaha I just did that by accident. it kinda burned too. sorry, no advice but I will be watching this thread.
  5. take a hot shower
  6. umm don't do it and why wouldn't you want to smell the beautiful smell of weed all the time?
  7. suck on a mint and exhale through your nose
  8. Exhaling through your nose is the shit :smoking:
  9. It's more fun if you put your finger over one nostril and blow the smoke out of the other one. Looks pretty awesome too!

  10. Shit i gotta try that...but what if its a reaaaally big rip out of a bong. you'd look like a dragon

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