Nose Bleed!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sparkup, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. This was the freakiest thing that happened to me yesterday after i was finished smoking. Me and my 2 friends toked on 2 bongs of dro, it was good stuff. Then we went and hung out with 2 more ppl and hit on a joint and 3 bowls of medium bud. After we left from thier house we toked on a blunt of mids that we bought. All of this smoking took about 3hours of time. Then on the ride home i noticed something was dripping onto my hoodie and i put my hands of my face. BLOOD everywhere on my hands. My friend took his sock that he keeps his bowl in and i put it to my nose. It blead for 20min more and the sock was SOAKED in blood, and my hands were covered in it. It was without a doubt the freakiest thing that coulda happened!
  2. Sounds like some trippy ass shit. Maybe cause all the weed you smoked blood couldn't pump fast enough to your head then starting coming outta your nose? just a guess!
  3. That happened to me one time. I went to my cousin's house and we rolled a blunt of dro and he rolled a joint of it,smoked it and then went to my girl's house. There me and my girl and her friend smoked out of her bong with my dro (two bowls), and then we had went to the bank and smoked another blunt in the car.Now this is all taking place in 2hours and I an already high as hell. So I walk in the bank and I feel as if I was gone pass out or something and then my nose started to bleed like whoa and I fell out.
  4. maybe the inside of your nose gets too dried out. maybe the cooler air outside the house irritates your dried out nose, and that's why it bleeds. :)

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