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Norwalk CT Utopia Head Shop

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hendrixrules123, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. does anyone know if they sell mini bubs at Utopia in Norwalk CT?
    Utopia: Norwalk, Connecticut, USA 06854
  2. Omnipresent, ubiquitous, all-pervading, universal, ever-present, pervasive... we do our best :hello:

  3. Run it's the government!
  4. utopia why do u guys suck so much.. ur prices are craxy.. if u live near norwhack..just go to the city.. get an amazing piece for cheap... i bought a bubbler there and it didn't hit.. the down stem went to far down and could never get a real hit.. had to break it...:devious:
  5. Sorry to hear about your pipe.

    Since each glass piece, as you know, is unique, it sometimes happens you find one that won't even pull, due to blockage.

    Had you come back (without the pipe) and explained your situation, we would have tried to find some solution agreeable to both of us.

    Again, sorry you had a bad experience, stop by the shop someday and we'll try to make it right.

    - Utopia
  6. whats up UtopiaCT. im thinking about going to your shop this upcoming weekend cuz its my bday..could you give me an idea of what to expect for brands on waterpipes and attachments etc and also if you carry vapes. thanks for ur help in advance
  7. you guys have incridibowls?
  8. Sorry for the delayed responses guys:

    Blazin: We carry about 2-3 dozen different brands of water pipes, every attachment you could think of and about 8 different types of vapes.

    Bedorf: Large & Mini size, in stock now!
  9. hey utopia i have two questions
    first of all around how much would a spring rain go for at the utopia in CT
    also, do u have like a website or anything with ur selection of pieces?
  10. yay, a connecticut page!!!!!!!! can't say i have ever been to utopia, little to far for the trip usually just go to old glory, can talk with those guys and girls and get good deals.
  11. Hey Utopia,
    I am from CT and I was wondering if you guys have any legal highs?
  12. We're the only True Utopia, all the others came after and are but weak imitations : )

    Unfortunately, selling tobacco products on the net is a big no-no, and even quoting prices is construed as an intent to sell, so.... : /

    But swing by and we'll talk All about it : )

    We're here to make the customer happy, so there's always room to negotiate on any substantial purchase.

    Be well,
    Team Utopia

  13. man, screw legal highs, that shit is just bad for ya and a waste of money, honestly if ya wanna smoke that shit go for it, but don't be crying 10 yrs from now that you weren't warned.

  14. Oh bro its not for me. LOL. I had that shit once, did my research and I am DONE with it. My girlfriend's brother is REALLY interested in K2 and I promised him I would find a place for him.

  15. you need to talk him out of it

  16. hes one of those dick lax bros. Ive tried. He doesn't listen.
  17. where can you get salvia around here

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