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NorthMN_Lights Pick Up Thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NorthMN_Lights, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hey fellas since i started buying weed in bigger quantities and getting better stuff i thought i would start posting regularly. I def need to purchase a new camera to get better pics cuz the one i have now sucks. But anyways here is an eighth of the ounce i picked up last night. i will continue to post the new pickups i get! Good luck and happy smoking to all!

    This bud was grown outdoors in Northern Mn this summer. some one had a bunch of durban plants and sold clones to a bunch of different ppl in town and so there is a bunch of the same bud but you can tell who knows how to grow and who doesnt cuz its from the same mother and some is better the the other. sorry the pics are bad but im working on a new camera with a better macro setting then mine has right now. Hope you all enjoy let me know what you think. i consider this bud to be some decent nugs around my area and i paid 300/ounce but if you saw the crystals you would know why. i will be also making pickups from the cities as well to post on here and so yall what real NorthernMN dank is like! :hello:

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  2. damn lucky, danks in my area are going for 380-400 a oz now......whackkkk
  3. yeah if you want the suppa dank that what were paying
  4. You from minneapolis huh? i picked up some purp down there on sat it was pretty good we paid 400/oz
  5. i know the pics suck guys but im working on gettin a camera with a better macro setting. mine has one but it wont focus good on the buds. anybody got suggestions? i have a kodak c743 if anybody knows how to work one of those please help

  6. use a tripod? The pictures just looks shaky in my opinion.

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