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    Hello All! Thank you for taking the time to check out my grow journal. I am a beginner grower in every aspect, and that is a big deciding factor for me to do this grow journal. I would like to keep this grow journal for many reasons, a big one being that it's a place I can ask people questions I have, without a random scattered thread, and they can see the entire history leading up to the question. This room's first purpose, is to get a strong Mother NorthernBerry plant, to use for cloning for a little while. In the future, I hope to have many different strains available from this room.

    The room is about 8' x 4'. Panda Film lining the walls. I have a 7” intake fan/filter on one side of the room on the floor. On the other side of the room on the ceiling is a 9” exhaust fan, blowing air right into my attic. There is a small 3” fan near the intake, blowing air towards the plants. On the other side of the plant area, there is another identical 3” fan, blowing air the same direction towards the exhaust side of the room.

    Seeds/Strain: 10x NorthernBerry from PeakSeedsBC (Can't recommend enough).
    Planted all 10 on morning of 10/03

    Lighting: (1) Hydrofarm T5 Designer Light Fixture - 4ft 4 (6400k) Bulb (Directly overhead of the plants)
    (2) Basic Walmart T8 4ft Light Fixtures - 2 Daylight 6400k bulbs in each fixture. These are used right on each side of the main light right now, but as the plants grow, they will most likely be used on the sides.

    Lights are currently 3” from the tallest seedling. They seem quite happy with the amount of light they have.

    Water: Currently watering 250mL of 6.0pH balanced water every 36-48 hours (as needed).

    I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, with about 10-15% added Perlite. The plants were started at about 60% high up in the 2 gallon pots (black, to minimize the light getting to the roots). Before I filled the pots with the soil, I covered the bottom with rocks slightly bigger than the drain holes, to ensure proper drainage. As the plants stretched out at the beginning, I added soil to get the plants growing straight up. They all loved the extra support. I plan on transplanting to 5 gallon pots when the plants get around 12-18” tall, although, I have not done my proper research on a good time to transplant yet.

    I hope to get a few people interested in my grow journal, I hope to present some very nice product at some point in this journal for everyone to look forward to. If anyone has any questions on anything, or notices anything I missed, please let me know.  
    Pictures attached are just various pics of the room that I described. 10 pictures of each 10 plants. I have them numbered on their pots, as I have a little notebook to take notes.

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  2. I'm subbd in looking good so far.. Little hint test you pH going in and pH going out for the first few weeks if its constantly the same you won't need a pH meter.. Even before I got into organics I never PhD maybe 1 or 2 times but I leave that for the hydro guys unless you need to pH your water
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    All the water is pH6.0. I bought a meter and all the ph + & - stuff. Tap at the house is 7.8
  4. Yea then u deff may need it unless let your water sit out uncovered over night and see if that brings it down less u have to mess with chemicals easier it will be
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    I'll be posting new pics tomorrow. They are all getting pretty big. 1 runt though.
  6. Don't count the runt out they can sometimes be your best plant
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    Yea! That's exactly how I feel about it. It's not trying to impress anyone right away.
  8. And remember keep it simple well I'm going to bed got work early tomorrow and its just about 3am here
  9. Subbed .. Man you have a nice set up Nero diffently did your research when it came to setting up your tent ..

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    Thanks! I effed up a test grow before this. I should post up my threads i had from setting up this room.
  11. Shit man you must've learned a lot.. How did you fuck up

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    Too much water, wrong soil, soil was too hard packed for roots to get going. Water wasn't pH'd. It was only 2 weeks in. But at 2 weeks in the seeling i had was the same size as my plants here were at day 2.
  13. Damn !! Atleast you learned man .. Your seedlings look healthy happy and very much alive and ready to bear you many fruits of your undieing labor . lol

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  14. I rushed the first grow. If there is anything in this world you should not rush, it's growing your own personal medicine.
  15. I learned something today. I don't need such a big reservoir of water. I filled this plastic tote thing about 1/3 up, and let it sit to dechlorinate, then I pH'd the whole thing. But a week later today, I checked the pH again, and it went up from 6.0x to 6.8. So I readjusted the pH, but I am going to start that reservoir over again, there is too much adjustment chemical in it now.

    Anyways, almost ready to go in to say hi to my buddy's for a feeding and picture day! I haven't seen them in about 36 hours.

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  16. Watered them and took a couple pictures of each. Enjoy!

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  17. Tent looks perfect man, great job! When I first started out I stressed day and night over that damn pH problem! We gotta let you loose on living soil organics. here is a few thread to pick threw to get started:

    The basics is that good compost/worm castings contain almost all of the microbes needed for a functioning living soil. These organic materials contain Humic & Fulvic acids, these acids neutralize the pH of water across a wide range of numbers. Some organic growers will use Pure Humic Acid in their watering's every 10 days or so to keep the levels up if the quality of the compost used was lacking. With 25-30% good quality Humus in the soil, pH will no longer be an issue. :) Its a lot to dig thru so if you have any questions I am more then happy to help however I can.
    What was it you planned on feeding with? Or do u have anything mixed in w/ the FF?
  18. I am building a compost area in my backyard for all future grows. Organic is the way to be!

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  19. Title grabbed me mon, I'm a huge peak fan!
    Subbed in.  Cheers! :smoking:

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