Northern storm auto. WHAT IS WRONG?

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  1. Can someone please tell me what us going on? I have never done an auto prior to this and don't know what this is. Is it a mutation? I've never had a standard do this. Please help me save my girl.

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  2. Looks like over watering. You can usually tell it is over watered by the rounded tips of the leaves and how they look puffed up and droopy. You need to let that soil dry out. Feel the weight of the pot when wet and then let the soil dry out properly and feel the weight again. Just try to remember the difference and water accordingly.
    If you don't know how to tell when the soil is dry enough you can wait until the plant starts to droop from lack of water and then fell the weight of the pot. You shouldn't let it get so dry that it starts to droop every time but you can do it once or twice to get an accurate feel for the weight of the pot dry and wet.
    When you water too often no oxygen gets to the roots and the growth becomes stunted as well as the rounded, puffed up and droopy leaves. When you let it dry out properly the leaves will probably lose definition between the leaf sections and almost look flat because of the over saturation.
  3. OK. Thank you. It just looks like lettuce and that's not right. Lol

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