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northern lights x big bud GL40

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ghostjr9, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. :hello:

    Grow Lab 40

    Happy frog soil/ vermifire

    Led grow panel (14w cheap one from amazon) and 2 cfl 27-30

    see is northern lights x big bud AF

    i put the seed in a jiffy plug for germination i will transplant in to a 3G smart put as soon as i see roots coming out of the JP. i plan on filling the smart pot with happy frog on top and vermifire on the bottom. this is going to be my first grow. i will buy more stuff as i get the funds like i plan on getting a inline fan and filter later on and a 90w ufo as funds become available :D
  2. i will leave lights at 20/4 for the whole grow
  3. congrats, man. I'm aboard.
  4. :D I will post pic as soon as it pops
  5. it has not pop thru yet :(
  6. it can take up to a week, man!

    i've never used one of those jiffy pops, though. honestly, i don't have good luck like other people do. i've got a simple formula that works for me and i ain't fuck with it!
  7. I seen other blades on here theres pop like almost over nite
  8. yea, it's not about the grower, it's about the specimen (the seed) itself. all are different. what kind of environment is your jiffy pot in?
  9. It is kinda cold maybe I should bring in a heater
  10. before they sprout, they like it warm and dark (and moist, of course)
  11. i think i can see something trying to poke thru :D..
  12. We have take off :D

  13. So I was cleanin my back yard and I found this

  14. I forgot I had them and they probably sat there for like 2 or 3 months I'm surprised they survive this long. One seem to have some spider web and it look like it started to flower. I would like to re veg them AMD grow them since they look like survivers but idk if they have spider mites or if they will hermi..
  15. just inspect them!

    they're likely fine. they just need to be transplanted.
  16. I don't have room in my tent do u think they will be fine till I harvest the NL&BB? It looks like they started to bud
  17. So as of right now the seedling is doing good its under a 5k and a 27k CFL. I'm planning on transplanting it some time this week.
  18. how big is your space, again?

    I'd switch my focus to the more mature plants.

    let's see some close ups of the flowers.
  19. 47x16 I believe. I will post pic when I get home of the 2 clones.

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