Northern Lights start in drip hydro setup

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by greenthumbed, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Ha didnt see the subtitle and didnt think I should post in Adavanced since Im a noob. But this is Hydro land. So here I am :smoke:

    Ok got my NL seeds! This sound good? I put them in paper towels with distilled water and let them germ a root then stick them in wet rapid rooters with ph adjusted water and only one drop of superthrive for a gallon of water. Place in humidity dome. Let them sit a few days keeping them moist until they come up out of the rapid rooters. Remove the humidity dome and place rooters and seedlings into hydro kit on slow drip. Does that sound good?

    Or.....put a seed in a moist rooter let it come up then put it in the hydro system?

    Also when do I intro them to light?
  2. As soon as you transplant them from the paper towel into your rapid rooters.
  3. Thanks man!

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