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northern lights, purple haze, and g13

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by look closer, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. today at school i met this guy who could sell me some northern lights, purple haze, or g13 for 15$ a gram each. i can only get one right now cuzi have little m,oney, so which one is the best if your more into sativa?
  2. I would suggest selling your house and buying as much as possible of each :D
  3. i personally prefer Northern lights, but it really depends on what floats your boat. I never really get a large variety, so i go with a favorite, but think which got you fucked up the most...follow your intuition my son
  4. I am a Northern Lights fan too, of the 3, but G-13 will get you pretty ripped too, as well as the haze. I go with Jada - go on your instinct, no matter what it is it should be pretty good!

    hehe ~ ask your dude if you can sample each one :D :D

  5. yeah do that.. they sell that kind of weed here for 55 for 2.5 grams
  6. if you are into more of a sativa then get the haze for sure. get me an 1/8 too:smoking:
  7. I would go with the NL. Mainly because dealers say their shits G-13 or Purple Haze when both of those strains dont exactly "exist", G-13 is more of a mystery, and Purple Haze is supposedly extinct. Northern Lights on the other hand, is the bomb! Make sure this dudes legit naming 3 of the most well known marijuana strains :p
  8. u should just meet up with dude and ask to see them and choose. Otherwise id go with whichever sounds most intriguing to u. Id probably get g13
  9. sounds like sort of a shady lineup to me

    any time you hear the term purple haze

    or g-13

    you s hould always think twice.
  10. true that.

    ask to take a look at em, and pick the frostiest.
  11. how has this thread lasted so long without any flaming for claiming to have purple haze. listing 3 of the most sought after strains is a really big tip off that its not legit. thats not to say its not good weed, or even for a good price. but i dont think the strain names are really the genetics he is telling you.

    never pay for a name unless your sure. if the bud looks good buy it.
  12. yeah, i agree with thirdnut... i wouldn't take strain name seriously with prices/ selection like that, but hey, $15/g for QUALITY stuff... if it looks good... GO FOR IT!
  13. I honestly don t think it matters which one you choose because either way you are going to get the same indoor kb.
  14. G13 for 15 a gram?
    purple haze FOR SALE?

    dudes straightup bullshiting those strain names
    check out the bud
    bring ONLY $15 with you
    if its dank shit
    then buy it
    if he pulls out some mids
    tell him to fuck off
  15. Can't go wrong with some good ol' NL :)
  16. Yea, don't expect to get those actual strains. There's no way a small-time school dealer has G13, and is selling for $15/g. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he just named them himself, because those are unrealistic prices, unless its not that dank.
  17. Actually, if I were you I wouldn't buy from him.

    First of all, Purple Haze is extinct. It is physically impossible to distinguish a Purple Haze nug/plant. So saying that he had Purple Haze was his first lie.

    The second is G13. "Its more of a myth, than a strain." This is true, G13 is extremely rare, and usually only available in medical clinics, if at all. Theres no way, like I said before, that a small time school dealer has legitimate G13.

    And if he's lied that much chances are Northern Lights isn't even Northern Lights.

    Of course there all names... It could still be dank, but dont buy into the hype he is trying to pull on you.
  18. Northern Lights for the win. I'm smoking a lot of NL #5 lately; good shit.

    EDIT: And that's correct, there really is no such thing as G13 and the original Purple Haze is extinct, though I see no reason why a Haze can't be bred to express purple coloration.
  19. #19 oldskoolgrower, Feb 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2009

    I only got to try it once back in the day. It was very good stuff but not the best I've had. A lot of it is mystique because the original strain is no more.

    EDIT: The Northern Lights #5 is featured in both of the links in my sig.
  20. Ask the kid if he can hook it up with some Pineapple Express for 10g def will hook you up with some of that Hawaiian dankness.

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