Northern Lights Microgrow (first)

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  1. Hi everyone, :wave:
    This is my first grow and my first time posting here. My babies are about 9 days old and I have them growing in a micro/stealth box I made that's in my closet using a 100w HPS.

    I got the seeds from SeedBoutique. It was a 4 pack of feminized northern lights. Good deal that also came with 10 free South African Durban Poison x Skunk seeds.

    Temps have been a bit high recently; had to keep A/C on to maintain box at under 80º

    Here are some pictures. I have 3 plants but these two are the finest of them all. The third is a runt. He'll get there eventually.

    I planted them in MG moisture control time release soil that's said to feed for 3 months and have been feeding them water from a Brita pitcher any time the soil looks dry.

    This is my first grow, should I be concerned about Ph? Or any particular levels of anything?

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  2. MG soil = death. And when you water, stick your finger about an inch into the soil... if moist, leave it alone. If dry, water a bit.

    Try getting rid of the MG soil. I used it when I first started and heard all the stories so I transplanted immediately. When I took the plants out of the pots I brushed as much of the soil off of the roots as I could and potted them into clean pots with fox farm organic soil with worm castings and bat guano. That was a while ago and the plants have been doing great since.
  3. Thank you muchly, and yes someone on another forum just brought this to my attention. Honestly, I wasn't sure which soil to go with so I picked the one that looked about the right size for me :p bad call

    Heheh so yeah I'm gonna order some FoxFarm organic stuff. Will I need any separate nutes or will this be enough for veg if I get this soil?

    Ever ordered soil online? Does it come in a box or a bag? I have my packages always delivered to me at work so I don't want a bag of soil showing up for all to behold if you know what i mean hahah

    yeah I feel much better about using other soil. I had a bad feeling about this one.

    Thanks for the tip :smoke:
  4. Try your local hydroponics store... i can gaurantee you that they will have some or just any kind of gardening store, get foxfarm ocean forest?
  5. The soil doesnt provide nutrients. Need to do that on your own. The nutes you used right now while youre vegging should be higher in nitrogen. Dont over water, dont use nutes for the first two weeks of growth, go about 1/4 throttle with the nutes till the plants get used to them, higher percentage of nitrogen during veg.

    Correct me if Im wrong?
  6. Oh, and never ordered soil online. Any gardening shop should either carry the fox farm soil or they should be able to order it for you so you dont have to have a huge heavy box delivered to you.
  7. Cool. Yea I'm gonna be ordering some via eBay tomorrow (a seller told me they ship in brown boxes, sweeeet). hopefully they'll get here in time. I'm going to oder the soil first. Now if the nutes don't come for another week or few days, will the plants be okay with just the soil? I don't want to kill them from a lapse, just not sure how that works.

    You've been very helpful. Thanks!
  8. You shouldnt use nutes for the first 2-3 weeks anyway. An extra week or two without wont hurt.
  9. Update - 2 week mark

    Yep. It's been two weeks. The fox farms soil is coming, but they're still in the MG time release stuff for now and it seems to be doing great. Both plants are making remarkable progress, I just got back from Jersey today since being gone 2 days and they got huge on me! :D

    I've set the lights/fan to 18/6 with a timer and I've been watering every other day. Soil was obviously a little dry when I got back but nothing that couldn't easily be cured.

    They're looking beautiful. Those leaves scream indica. I'm so excited!

    Also, one of them has a very very small leaf at the very base of the leaves that is turning yellow. The 3rd sprout met it's demise looking about the same, but it never made it past the first set of leaves so I'm not too worried about this one. Could be from the heat? It was 90º when I got home in the cab. I've got a cut-to-size piece of tempered glass coming tomorrow to help with the temps. Hopefully does the trick. I'd like to keep it down towards 75º, it's been on average around 80-85 mostly.

    Weird thing, too. I've got 2 thermometers in my box. One digital, one analog. The digital one is saying it's about 32% relative humidity whereas the analog one is saying 50ish. I figure trust the analog one, digital isn't as reliable. Wasn't sure what to think there. I keep em both in there anyway, whatever.

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  10. Fox Farms soil came in today. Just transplanted both plants but one of them already seemed to be rootbound. Is it a problem to rip some of the roots off to transplant into the new soil? I mean there were a lot bunched up at the bottom that got ripped off when I didnt even realize it was that bad. :eek:

    Nutes are coming on monday. What sort of dose should I use right off the bat and of what? I got the 3 pack of Fox Farms grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom. How do I administer them properly?
  11. Week 3
    New pics after transplanting into 10" pots and adding Fox Farm soil + half strength doses of Grow Big and Big Bloom. On 18/6 lights now too.

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  12. looking good man

    how old r the plant since germination and y r u using bloom fert????

    srry if u already explained man plants r looking good GL
  13. Thanks bro :)

    they're 22 days since germ

    and just going by the feeding schedule i got with the nutes
  14. I think the fox farm nute schedule is problematic for most ppl on here

    they dont make it for growing weed feel me???

    dont just go by me but I wouldnt use any bloom fert untill u are flowering and go easy on the veg fert at 1st - they're looking good man GL
  15. Thanks
    yea i'm starting it off in half doses, and I ceased using Big Bloom. I only mixed Grow Big into the water when I watered today and I'll continue this for a couple more weeks.

    I think they're female. I'm not 100% sure but on their 5th nodes, I see a couple of preflower looking things that are fuzzy. No balls around them on either plant. Too early to tell? I don't have a camera that can do that kind of zoom; I have to get a friend up here with his macro lens to get decent pics. I'll post em as soon as I can.

  16. Yeah I was thinking mine were ladies early on too, little spike-like things at the nodes??? Still not sure what these are exactly cuz I didnt ever really go in deep to research and find out, but its NOT sex indication. At least thats what I hear, lol still havent sexed mine yet Im about to soon.

    Can u flower some cuttings to see sex?? Thats what Im doing.

    I think given time they show sex without flowering but Im fuzzy on that I think I heard that from Dierwolf or someone like that. Check it out Im interested as well about this.
  17. can i see dimensions of your grow room, and more pics of it? this is the exact grow i've been thinking about (micro N.L)
  18. I don't want to jump the gun here but I think I should start flowering soon. Tomorrow will mark week #4, is this too early to start flowering? They're about 50% of the height of the box, which is about 25 inches and I don't want them to be busting out of the box.

    The dimensions of my box are 24"x11.75"x31.8". Keep in mind I can't grow the entire height of the inside of the box because I have a piece of tempered glass separating the bulb from the grow area.

    Over this past week I had flushed both plants because the nute burn was looking kinda bad, but not too bad. Just wanted to nip it in the bud so I did about 4 days ago and it's not getting worse so I think I'm going to start back on quarter doses of grow big and then big bloom around week 2 of flower, then tiger bloom later on. Does that sound right? I don't want to burn them more..

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  19. Those plants look great for 4 weeks :) good job dude! I would consider going 12/12 soon... Even after I switched my plants still took a little over a week to show sex.
  20. going by the size of your box id say a month is long enough veg. time. or, if its not too late u could LST and probably veg. awhile longer.

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