Northern lights, how much longer?? First grow

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  1. Hello guys, this is my first grow and I've read alot on when to harvest. I couldnt tell you exactly how long these girls have been flowering for and I dont have any trichome pictures I know its roughly 20 percent amber trichomes. But I was wondering if I could get some opinions on how much longer these northernlights plants might have until harvest? I was thinking about 2 weeks maby? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. U have a microscope/loop? If so post a pic of trichomes from a bud not sugar leafs

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  3. Unfortunatly I'm away right now for work and someone else is taking care of them so I cant get a better picture. If these are not good enough for an estimate I'll try to get them to take a picture in a couple of thr bud with the jewelers loop I have at home
  4. Third pic nlooks done to me others look a couple of weeks out I go with milky trichomes and 65 to 75 percent red hairs
  5. Ur cool just wanted to see what trichomes looked like man

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