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Northern Lights Bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by piff123, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. ohh much did u pay for a zip?? and did the whole zip fill up a ziplock baggie or did it look like alot less..if u know wat i mean..
  2. I had edited a message above with the price..

    but it was $250 for an ounce. and, it was dense nug man. I dont use bags, so I couldn't answer that... but, it varies anyways.
  3. word thas a good ass price...hopefully my boy get def looks good ass hell..
  4. East coast... South FL.
  5. My dealer is one of my best friends and he needed money bad so he hooked me up with an O for 200
  6. word aint bad...
  7. I'm cookin up a batch of about 1/2lb of Northern lights (4 plants) right now. I just switched to 12/12 and they are stankin in the vegitation stage! Cant wait for some buds to appear, NL was a real cerebral high when I was getting in a week ago or so. It ran me 55 and 1/8th but I had my friends get it and I toke on it w/ em :hello:
  8. damn 55 an 8th equals about 440 for a zip...pretty expensive but i bet its worth pics of ur plants buds if u can man..i want to see wat it looks like..thanx for the info
  9. my nl was usually tight hard green with yellowish heairs
    really nice stuff tho
    hella couch lock if u dont smoke alot
    smoke a gram or so an ull be good ur gonna like it
  10. yeah, people can say its NL and really have no clue. But emram is right if its true NL its pretty good stuff. should have a pretty strong smell if harvested properly. I have a ton of photos in my gallery. Its all real NL, cause its all i grow. should give you something to go on for comparision. GL! peace brotha's, TBug:smoking:
  11. Yeah, my hair were never that orange either, more light brown to yellowish. may be a diff in harvest time/methods. but my seeds legit from a good bank in canada, and I have shots from several diff. harvests as well. you wont see the orange as mush on mine.
  12. thanx ima check ur gallery now...
  13. looks nice much u sell ur quaps for or ?
  14. word up to that....My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so hard when I smoked NL.
  15. lol word ima have to cop it then..i jus want alot more opinions bc my boy said he can get it but idk if i should bc i dont think ima be able to see it b4 he gets it..
  16. I wouldnt buy anything untill its in my hands and im staring at it, or if its a really trustworthly buddy of mine that walks 5 feet from me to get it. I wouldn't pay over 100$ a 1/2Oz for some reall NortherLIghts.
  17. ohh yea i feel u defnitly not gonna...bc i did that 1 time and it wasnt wat he said it u sayin u wouldnt pay over 200 for sum real NL?
  18. haha i got a feeling this guys guna take you for a chump, charge u top dollar, prob under wiegh it cuz yur noob, and proby not even giv u NL, just regualr mids. and my guess is yur guna b extatic.
  19. yea i think i mite go with the haze or white shark he said he could get...bc i know white shark and haze r supposed to be super potent in smell and i know how they idk
  20. heres my plants at 5 weeks like you asked


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