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Northern Lights Bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by piff123, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. was good peeps...yo my boy said he could get sum northern lights bud...i was wonderin how much does northern lights usually go for(ie. zip,quap.etc.)...? and how good is the high off it compared to other top strains..? and if u can also tell me how it looks,the potency smell and if its fluffy and has alot of trichs on it...and also is it hard like nugs or soft like haze..if u got pics then feel free to post...thanx again to whoever posts and doesnt flame me lol..jus want to know how the bud is...thanxx
  2. Half ounces around here usually range from $150-200. It all depends where you live.
  3. yo, do what i do, just pik it up, smoke it. if its good smoke it all, if not get rid of it
  4. word..where u located at...east or west coast..?
  5. NL - 150-200 for a half, 300-400 for an O

    High - Strong body high, couch locky, munchie indusing

    Description - Lighter green, vivid orange hairs, frosty looking, harder than fluffy (All the NL ive had at least)

    Smell - If you have ever had Maple bud it smells similar to that.

    The only picture I have of any NL is kinda crappy quility and a hard to tell shot stuff/NorthernLights2.jpg

    but it looks similar to this stuff/Stinky0001.jpg

    NL is a great strain id love to pick up an O of some NL right about now :smoking:
  6. thanx dude the second pics looks nice would u describe the potency smell...very strong or just mild smell?
  7. The dude I knew that grew NL that I used to get mine from, when he would come over as soon as he stepped in the door I could smell it :D

    Depends though, ive bought Northern lights from 2 differnt people, the dude I knew that grew it had some stinky stinky NL and very potent.

    the other dude I used to get it from I would describe it as just regular headies, strong smell but nothing like the other stuff.
  8. word thas koo...hopefully i can get sum :) lol...keep the posts comin lol..thanx to all
  9. does any1 know how much a quap would be? cuz i think my boy gon get 1 of those..lemme know peeps thanx
  10. Strains don't mean shit on the street...

    But personally for me, every time I've gotten NL (#5) it's been kinda light green... dense core, fluffy on the ext. and it's given me a nice head high with a strong underlying body high.

    If you can get the legit NL you have yourself one of my personal favorites.
  11. word koo
  12. Jesus man... a quap could be anywhere from 800-1200... or maybe it could be $50... or maybe $2000. Nobody here on this forum knows how much your buddy can get a qp for... As long as you're paying less than 300 an O you're gonna be fine. Every town and even person/situation is different.
  13. nl should be normal exotic prices, idk im guessing your in ny so 350-420ish, but I wouldn't pay more then 400.
  14. im near ny tho...
  15. na i jus wanted to know thas all..
  16. I've never laughed more than when I smoked some Northern Lights.
  17. word it must be good then
  18. Here's some pics of some northern lights I had a few weeks ago. JoshRyche's description seemed pretty accurate to me...

    heres the pictures:

    edit - forgot that you asked about prices. but, as the others have said, it COMPLETELY depends on where you are located on this planet. You see, I payed a fairly hooked up price - FOR THIS AREA - $250/O. But you could be canadian for all I know, and the dealers around you would drop it for $50-100 less, who knows.
  19. it was actually quite dense. Alot more dense than alot of the fruity stuff floatin around.

    this is in the san diego area, southern california.

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