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Northern Lights= BLowN

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, May 4, 2003.

  1. My friend bought two grames of Northern Lights and we got stoned!BUT thats NOT important! IF you are stoned and a True Stoner u have to watch these VIDEOS. and watch Tales of the Blode 6! Its has a character named BLode and FOOD
  2. yeah! NL is some gooooood shit.. find out if its #5.. I liked 5 the best..
  3. for real. ive tryed NL 4 and 5 and 5 is bomb as hell although not as strong as 4 (more of a sleep inducing weed). altogether an awesome strain.
  4. i've yet to try it!.....Peace out.......Sid
  5. yeah, its hard to find NL shit around here, but when i do get my hands on it its like 40 for a gram, though it does get me stoned, its a bit pricey

  6. !!!!!!! damn man, thats 100 an 1/8. crazy
  7. my friend picked it up for $40 for 2 grams. Usually there isnt much "name brand" weed in houston and if there is, its usually more expensive. However thats pretty cheap compared to the prices for dank ass dro, which is like 15-20 a gram. I did get an 1/8 a dutch bubblegum for $60 once.
  8. There is a lot of cheap schwag in H-town... I've paid as little as $30 for an Oz there.... Coke is cheap too.. If you know the right people.. 45 for a gram..
  9. ive never tried northern lights:(
  10. 30 for an ounce! holy shit. i need to find a dealer who will get me some schwag for real cheap.
  11. a while back i got 20 joints for 20 bucks ;) took me a month to smoke cause i unrolled em and put it in my bong :D
  12. i smoked various Northern Lights hybrids... including the best ever... Northern Lights crossed with Purple Haze! WOOHOO!

    smoked NL5. and NL 3 i think... can barely remember... those were hazey times with loadsa parties.

    and i narrowly missed a chance to try some of the original Northern Lights. wich according to someone who i think didnt know shit, said it had a THC content of 40%! bs... as G13 only has about 28%
  13. I had the pleasure of trying NL x Mighty Might the other day... it was sooooooo sweet tasting..... a high unlike no other!

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