Northern Lights Auto plant trouble. Calcium manganese def?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Nova Pants, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Here are pictures of damages leaves that I've chose to remove.
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414528130.059827.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414528160.074843.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414528189.608501.jpg

    Im having trouble diagnosing this issue that's been apparent the past week. So any help is appreciated!

    Grow area: 3x3x5 ft
    Light: 250w HPS with some supplemental CFLs
    Humidity: 45
    Temp: 81
    Soil: fox farms
    Nutes: fox farm trio
    Pots: 2 gallon soft pots

    Does anyone have any idea what this is or what I can do to solve it? Thanks

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    Looks like my thing. Many similarities. That's why I'm trolling this forum.
    My Northern Lights are Vision Seeds. What's yours?
    I'm in FF soil, too. Happy Frog w/perlite. Their soils make me a little suspicious. I doubt it's the nutes themselves, maybe incorrect application.
    What's your soil ph? I probed mine and came up with about 5.3 ph.
    I've been told it's cal mag deficiency, overfeeding, over watering, poor ph, bacterial infection, too much Protekt, not enough Protekt. Once you get a problem it's murder to dig out of.
    Please esp tell me the breeder and soil ph.[​IMG]

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    Soil ph is a stable 6.0 I measured thru run off. Is there another method to measure?

    My NL seeds are nirvana. Thanks for the reply

    Edit : yeah can b sooo many problems I can't pin point it! Aggravating haha

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  4. Can measure with a soil probe. I use Accurate 8. There are cheaper ones but they don't work.
    Your runoff at 6.0 is a respectable number but it's not the last word. Your feedings, what are they adjusted to?
  5. After using tap water and feeding fox farms nute 1/2 str the ph will range 6-6.4
  6. Putting in 6.0-6.4 and getting runoff 6.0 doesn't smack of ph problem. A good soil probe is a good tool to have around anyway. Give a better reading than run out which can be sketchy. Otherwise I don't want to speculate on your problem. You can compare your leaves to the textbook pictures as well as I. Dodgy.
    How old is the plant?
  7. Plants 49 days old!
  8. How's flowering going? If you can suck wind through 3 more weeks and the flowers are fine you should have a harvest if not a pretty one. I'm at day 42 and I have bigger problems than you. Trying to put your finger on these things is maddening. If there were a clear answer we'd have stumbled upon it.
  9. I got some nl seeds from nirvana and planted died in the first 2 weeks the other is way smaller than the rest of the grow...might be something wrong with their batch of seeds
  10. I have never had to feed autos in FF soil until late in flower to add P & K. I use all organic now but FF should have everything you need.
  11. Starting to think auto genetics not as stable as we'd like.

    and no yellowing of lower fan leaves or other sign of N deficiency?
  12. None....only P&K during flower and they weren't showing signs of needing it but I kept feeding.
  13. fascinating. I don't think the FF soil has many of the nutrients plants need, I don't think. It's got castings, guano, fish meal. Might the other nutrients be in Composted forest humus,? No added Ca or mag needed? If this is true we may be able to abolish this forum. All we have to do is stop pouring shit all over our plants. FF soil, maybe some Big Bloom, then some PK down the home stretch.
  14. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415309427.417082.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415309458.833594.jpg

    Any more info guys? See these weird looking spots? Gotta b a calcium def right?
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    Pictures are pretty yellow. The second one you can't rule out calcium deficiency. Have you been supplementing calcium? If you saw my plants you'd be kicking back with a fat ceegar, thrilled what you got.
  16. The yellowing from the pictures in my first post is non existant now. My leaves are a nice healthy green color, but they appear to have "rust spots" or whatever it is called.
    The lighting in that picture above is a bit deceiving giving it a yellow color, they are in fact very very green. The spots seem to range from the top newest growth to low old growth.
    I just picked up some dolomite lime and crushed it up and put 1 tsp into a gallon of water n fed that plant with it. Out of my 4, it is the only 1 w this issue

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