Northern Lights Auto + Photo - Too Short? (Greenhouse Grow)

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    These plants are 18 days old (since sprouting)....they look a little short. I'm thinking it's because I transplanted too early from the smaller pots? Also, for the first 3-5 days or so, I left them on the windowsill....maybe this slowed the growth down a bit. 
    I gave them their first feeding of nutes today....hopefully they'll shoot up within the next week....or am I flogging a dead horse? Will they still flower?
     I'm growing in a greenhouse btw
    [​IMG] [​IMG] 

  2. They'll still flower. Just be patient. Plants grow at their own pace, it may not be a pace you like but it will grow.
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    Do they look healthy to you then? I'm just a little concerned because i've seen pics of other people's NL that have been growing for the same period and they look twice as big. 
  4. Overall they look healthy. Don't compare your grow to other peoples too much because it all depends on soil, lights ect ect. to determine plant growth. As long as they're healthy and living you're doing a good job. :smoke:
    Alrightey thanks for putting my mind at ease. 
  6. No problem man. Happy growing. :wave:

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