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    400 Watt Digital HPS/MH. Growbright HPS & MH conversion bulbs.

    4x4 High Reflective Mylar tent

    Coco/Perilite Ready Gro.

    Nutrients :
    Botanicare : CHS17 Grow - Bloom - Ripe - Cal mag - Zho root - Sweet Berry & Grape carbs.
    Humboldt : Honey eS - Ginormous - myco madness.

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    Any comments are welcome!
  2. Here are some pics 1 week later also with some pics of the other ladies!

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    Here is cali-hash by dinafem

    View attachment 811339

    And Auto bomb from Bomb seeds

    View attachment 811338

    And last but not least "jupiner" Northern Lights Auto Clone.

    View attachment 811340 .

    I was reading and alot of people say that u can not clone any "Auto Flowering" Plants because of the short veg time..

    Guess don't always believe what u hear lol?

    More in a few days cheers
  3. looking good will def sub. to see how these come out =]
  4. You cloned an auto flower?!? And it's growing? Definitely subbed, and you got me thinking....maybe I should try and clone my autos as well...??

    Nice and green :)
  5. Thanks fellas it means alot!! My first grow with this NL. I really loved working with it so far. G13 seems to have my vote for a good Auto clone seed!!

    Ive read and read every source i had even a few grow guides & tips. Seems they all believe that it is not possible.

    Maybe this will let everyone know to try and learn!
  6. that bush is huge
  7. Wait till i can get that clone up .. shes in a larger pot :D
  8. No one said you can't clone autos. It's just that the yield gets killed so it's not really worth it. And super autos can be cloned. The Nl auto has a pretty long veg time for an auto, so it will probably work out for you ok. I have grown NL auto in the past and have1going now. My last NL auto I got over 4 oz off 1 plant. I love this auto strain. Looking good man. She should treat you well.
  9. Ahhh right on didnt ever grow her before so its a new thing for me! Hell yeah i would be happy if she puts out that much things would be sweet! How long did she take when she started to flower?
  10. Not sure, but I know I harvested it 80 days after I put the seed into soil. So it was kind of a long auto, but well worth the wait. Looks like the one I got going now is going to be very similar. The smoke was incredible too.
  11. Yeah i hear ya! she took off on me kinda fast .. since i switched to coco its been a quick learning curve! The roots turned into monsters haha .. its been years since i had some pure NL i had to get it! Nothing beats it! .. legendary stuff man.

    Except i hit some alaskan thunderfuck or matanuska/cinderella 99 it was coughlock lol killer stuff!
  12. Never done coco, but I use sunshine mix #4 which is a soil less mix. Very similar techniques,but I think a little more forgiving. I agree with you on the NL man. Love it, and had to get it when I saw it.

    That's what I have heard about the alaskan, and matanuska, but never had the pleasure of smoking myself.
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    Me either coco is something new hope it pays well! Ohh yeah NL genetics are everywhere .. but just one of those straight pure lethargic stone when its pure! -- Ahh brings the good ol' days back :)

    That matanuska is some fine bud i tell ya if u smoke it u will know oh man .. after that it might be on the bean list! Or that cannatonic x with 20% cdb Seems quiet tasty too!
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    Update! NL is just blowing up!


    And the auto bomb is doing really well.

    Jupiner is holding strong

    And last but not least cali-hash is enjoying her fresh feed of nutes!

    *Having problems getting the pics up will do it when its back up!

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