northern lights auto flower, leaves look a little strange, pics inside

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    hey all
    my norther nights auto flower are about 6.5 weeks old now
    some of blades off of some of the leaves look a little funny
    they are bent downward in shape, and they have like a arc to them, hard to explain
    they are also coloured somewhat differently
    not sure if it's a nute deficiency or too little?
    or maybe low humidity or heat stress?
    can anyone give me a sort of idea
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    the blades are rather thin, the previous ones were fuller
    you can really see the color change in this one, the ends/edges of the leaves are a little darker
    View attachment 1592665

  2. Couldn't tell you wats wrong but I'm currently growing the same strain let me know how she turns out plz

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  3. Found some grow jornals of people growing it but most of them are just a few post never till the end

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    will do, my grow journal is in my signature at the bottom
    currently about halfway through my grow

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