Northern Lights Auto Fem

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  1. Here's what I got going on:
    In Veg right now.
    4x4 grow tent
    600w Kind LED (18/6)
    4" inline fan w/ scrubber (18/6)
    2- Air pumps (24/7)
    9" fan (24/7)
    5- 5gal DWC w/ clay and rock wool
    AN Sensi Grow pH Perfect

    1- Unknown from "press"
    4- Northern Lights Auto Fem.

    They have been in Veg since Jan 25th

    I will be using Sensi Bloom pH Perfect, Big Bud and Bud Candy during flowering. My question is when should I switch my light and nutes over to bloom and 12/12? As you can see by the pics I have one that is a little behind the power curve right now. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. If it's an auto it will flower on its own and you can keep it on veg lighting. I don't have much experience with autos but from what I've read you want to avoid any high stress at all costs. Topping, transplanting, cloning. Not good for autos because they don't have time to recover. Hope this helps, happy growing!

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    Next question the one that I have that is not a NL has been in there just as long and it is not an auto flower, should I change the light n nutes over when the NL's start to flower or go ahead and start it in a couple days (5-6 week mark) even though they'll be in the same tent?

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  4. Well since no one responded, I'll just consider this a "grow journal". Today I changed out the h2o, started them in to a flowering schedule and added 1 tbs per gallon of AN Sensi Bloom pH perfect (4 tbs per bucket). Tomorrow I'll start adding Big Bud to them. I'll keep anyone who wants to read posted.

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