Northern Lights Auto - Closet Grow - How far am I from harvest?

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  1. These are six NL Auto plants from Crop King Seeds. This is my first time grow. The seeds sprouted on Feb 15th. I transplanted twice...first into 2 gallon pots and later into 5 gallon pots. I pruned away quite a few lower leaves..I read that both of these are bad for autos but mine seemed to thrive. The two tallest are around 58" - The shortest is 42" - I kinda messed up the germination so 2 of the plants are about 2 weeks behind the rest. The photos are of the more advanced ones.

    My question is...based on how these look now, roughly how long am I from harvest?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. You can't go by what they look like to tell when they're ready. You need a loupe (strong magnification) to look at the individual trichomes to see what percentage of amber is in them. You want at least 25% amber in your trichomes or more before you pull your plants. Most strains need at least 60 days AFTER new buds start showing once lights are flipped...usually about 7-9 days before you see them start to form. But the flowering period is something you need to know about your particular strain before you flip them for flower. TWW
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  3. These are auto-flower and have been on a 18/6 cycle throughout. I have a pair of
    platinum p300 LED'S in a 2x6x9 closet with good ventilation.

    Everything I have read about them is waay off so that is why I am posing this question. I have a magnifying glass on order but was wondering if by looking at them as they appear in the photos, what is a guesstimate on how long (roughly) they have left?
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  4. Those are some huge autos for transplanting twice...

    Holy shit.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
  5. Looks like you have weeks left with all those white pistols but i've not yet done an auto.
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  6. Still got weeks

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  7. I planted mubes o. The exact date and harvest the upper part of the bud since it was done

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  8. You got about 8 to 10 weeks from seed to weed, give or take. don't see any red hairs yet so I would guess they have been growing about 6 weeks or so. I have grown a few autos under LED and that is my experience.
  9. Here are a few things I have learned about the NL Autos that I am growing:
    • They responded well to pruning
    • They responded well to being transplanted, even multiple times
    • The 8 week seed to harvest promise is really more like 11-12 weeks
    • NL Autos are not always as short as everything I read...two of mine are close to 60" two more are closing in on that. The remaining two are about 45"
    This is my first time doing anything like this...although I did grow up on a farm and am no stranger to making things grow :)

    My take away is that Autos science is still a work in progress.
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  10. I am about 2 weeks from harvest and just noticed that one of my plants has a bad smell when I lifted the 5 gallon pot from its saucer. 30% of the upper leaves have yellowed and some have little red spots. 70% of the plant looks healthy and is very green All the other plants are doing fine.

    Should I leave well enough alone? harvest early? or are there any treatments I can do?
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