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  1. Hello GC.
    SET UP
    POT: 5L
    MEDIUM: organic soil 70% , perlite 30%.
    AREA: 70cm x 30cm x 60 cm box.
    LIGHTS: clf 8 bulbs from 20w to 25w (about 10000 lumens).
    A/C: 3 x pc fans and 1 big for the carbon filter.
    WATER: table water
    LIGHTS SCHEDULE: 24/0 all the way.
    AIM: 150gr.
    Area and Box
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7

  2. I'm in bud, can't wait to see how this plant grows.  :smoking: 
  3. Really curious about auto-flowers. I'm tagging along for the ride. Looking great so far. Do you know how many days it is supposed to finish in?
    NL should be ready after 80 days. i will do this until 90 days to see if the buds will get more rock-solid than the last harvest.
    i believe all the indica automatic strains finish in less than 90 days from seed. 
    I love them... they grow fast,they are healthy, they are cheap, their yield is always average or more and after a month they ALWAYS flower buds!!!!!!
  5. Day 8
    I will put 1 more 23W bulb now.
    i keep waiting.... and waiting....
    Wow, she really looks healthy.  Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.  :)
  7. Day 10
    DSC01994.JPG DSC01995.JPG
    i will add the last 23W bulb.8 bulbs with 140W total and more than 11000Lumens in position.
    Only 1 leaf has a problem. it stopped growing and will die soon. But she is going great.
    Tequila is growing 50-100% faster than Tijuana. best genetics plus perfect conditions make best results.
  8. Day 11
    DSC01998.JPG DSC01999.JPG
    I will start lst tonight and let we see how she goes.
    The bending will be done in 2 phases because the main stem is hard already.
  9. Day 12
    DSC02002.JPG DSC02003.JPG
    Tequila is growing really fast. I like to see those sidebranches grow taller now, since i will not FIM or topping on her and i'm counting on them.
  10. You are on the right path, keep up what you are doing. looking good.
  11. Day 13
    DSC02006.JPG DSC02007.JPG
    Day 14
    DSC02010.JPG DSC02011.JPG
    Tequila is the best plant i've grown so far.
    The fan leaves are HUGE, the main stem is FAT and the sidebranches are BIG after just 2 weeks.
    I tied her down from the next node.I will defoliate the fan leaves they touch the soil or they are in the "dark side".
    If she starts flowering when she will be 30 Days old, we have 2-3 weeks left of veg stage.
    The growth rate is now on 100%. Without lst this plant would have been 50 cm tall.
    I will try to keep her low like 20-30 cm and after Day 30 the growth rate will be 50%, i will leave all the budsites grow towards the light.
    Can Tequila fill all the grow area with budsites? We will see that in the next episodes...
  12. ive seen a auto LSTed to 4 branches and each one was like a main cola... HUGE
    looks good :smoke:
  13. Day 15
    DSC02015.JPG DSC02016.JPG
    I cutted the 1st set of leaves and 1 fan leaf from the "dark side".
    I tried to bend up 2 lower sidebranches so they will start growing upwards but i will do it tomorrow..
  14. Day 16
    DSC02021.JPG DSC02022.JPG
    All the lower branches grow fast and big. Even the one that is in the ''dark side''.
    I was about to cut it but i will leave it.
    Should i top 1 of the sidebranches to see how and if it works?
  15. Looking good farmer. My opinion is do not top an auto flower. It can diminish yields because it has such a short life and stressing it out at wouldn't be a good thing to have. Keep on lst'ing. If you aren't worried about yield then top it. Just make sure you take it easy with the nutes since autos are light fert sippers. 
  16. I'm thinking about topping 1 sidebranch only. She is going just perfect so what else could happen. i like to test it but i should talk about it with my friend. 
    As for the nutes i grow in organic soil and i will not fertilize until flowering(i took my lesson from Tijuana)
  17. Day 17
    DSC02026.JPG DSC02028.JPG
    Time for defoliation. She is too bushy now and i will cut 2 fan leaves.
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  18. I'm in, be good to see how this one goes.
    Looking good so far!

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