Northern Lights and Bubblelicious autofem

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    Hey guys.. this is my first official journal and my first real grow. I dropped a northern lights auto fem and a bibblelicious auto fem from nirvana in a cup of water for 12 hours then placed them in a paper towel on a heating mat for 12 more.

    ( im also an idiot cause i mixed the seeds up. guess we will be able to tell the difference later maybe?)

    Sprinkled some rooting hormone into FFOF



    and dropped em in about 1/4 inch.

    Gonna use this stuff until week 5


    Then switch to this unless i get better between now and then


    I figure 24/0 for the first 10 days after popping up then switch to 18/6 until harvest.

    Im open to all input and suggestions :)

    BTW im running 2 600 watt MH bulbs i also have 2 HPS bulbs on reserve i can switch and mix if i need to.. which ones should i use and for how long and what should i switch to give me the biggest harvest
  2. Looks good dude, let me know how you like the nutes, was thinking of trying the general organics stuff.
  3. wow you need to get some more under them lights 2 autos under 1200w lol and personally id use the HPS bulbs then when its about 3 week from croppage smash a MH in there (hps for yield mh for quality) or just mh and hps all the way threw i know i wouldnt use just mh as them autos dont veg long. hope this helps, subbed :)
  4. I don't think u will flower at 18/6 to force flower I think if I'm not mistaken its 12/12 to force buds. I would veg under the MH and flower under the hps. U should have a nice yield that's 600 watts per plant wow that gonna b epic seeing bubblelicious is a good yielder. I have grown it several times. Good luck tho dude

  5. correct me if im wrong but them autos dont go by photoperiod like others eg standard sativa or indica will bud when the light period comes down to a certain amount of hours like 12/12 but some will bud earlier. autos go by time period so theres no point for 12/12 when the plant can recieve light 6 hours longer=more growing

    hopethis helped all :)
  6. you are correct Autoflower's AUTOFLOWER.. no need to change lights.. 18/6 entire grow.. been told by a ton of people with a few auto grows under their belt..

    you can only see 2 flowers in the pics.. i have 8 others a littte to the right... its ditchweed i used to practice on so i didint ruin my good seeds...

    hey Passthebong2ME you think i should swap one oh my MH's to an HPS and run 600mh and 600 hps ? thats what you were saying correct ?
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    that would be good but id personally go with that through veg then when they start to flower 2x hps then near the end id chuck a mh back in there apparently mh at the end increases potency because cannabis produces thc to protect its self from harmful UV rays which the mh puts out more than hps. but still mh and hps would be exellent plus its mixed spec mimics the sun more :)
  8. My bad u r correct I forgot that u said u were growing the auto version of those strains. Much respect
  9. No worries bro :) just waiting for the lil suckers to show themselves. Waiting sucks.. going to get some reflectors when I leave the dentist office so I can redo my ventilation and drop my temps a lil bit.
  10. Woot woot.. NL showed herself but no green yet..'

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  11. Wonder why it posted it 4

  12. its tryna say that you want 4x NL in there lol true :)
  13. Lol and I shall just as soon as I trust these to grow halfway decent..

  14. fair enough good luck :)
  15. I use general and im happy with it... Turns out good only thing I would ever switch to would be advanced... Oh and I probably wouldnt use any nutes till its about 6/8 inchs up our about 2/3 weeks dont want to burn them up at a early stage good luck...
  16. Houston we have Lift off!!!


  17. Anyone know anything about using this ?

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  18. You flush with that about 1-2 weeks before harvest to give it a better taste.
  19. I add that in to my aact to speed up microbial growth

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