Northern Lights & a Bag seed..

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  1. Hey what’s up fellow growers & smokers I’m bringing you my first ever grow & it’s coming out nice so far.. using Northern Lights Fem 00 from Seedsman & a bagseed for this grow & im also using a 2x2x4 Mylar hydroponic tent with a 600w bloomspect LED gonna do some low stress training on the northern lights & then gonna do some LST on the bagseed or vice versus don’t know yet but I’m also using Miracle Gro Indoor mix (28•13•19) no nutrients yet or fertilizer.. with a 4”clip on fan from Walmart that’s keeping the temp down actually.. I planted the bag seed 2 days ago or maybe less but it’s already popped & it started to look like it was gonna grow underground so I lightly picked it & it’s root up & replanted it in the same spot making sure the root is down & seed is upwards looks as if it’s gonna be a fast grow gonna transplant the bagseed from the small pot it’s in into a 3 gal or 2 gal pot & fox farms oceans soil plus some fertilizer after it grows a bit more but gonna pick up the stuff this week.

    2nd 2 pics are day 5 & the last pics are day 6 which is today July 14th.

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  2. Gonna Keep Yall Fully Updated Through This Whole Grow & Also Next Grow I’m Debating On Using Skywalker Kush Fem all seeds are From seedsman but it’s out of that cheese fem (OG Skunk Pheno) & Bruce Banger Fem so stay tuned
  3. This is the bagseed does it look okay? Only day 3 I planted on the 12th

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  4. Just let it do its thing. If it has trouble getting the seed off just wet it some then barely pull it off with a toothpick. Thats like a last resort kinda thing tho. Just give it time

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  5. Seed already popped actually popped before even sprouting & I had to replant & 2. It’s been closed up & looking dry or burnt on the 2 roundish leaves

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