Northern Lights#9, first grow. Help needed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AMG, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. My first grow is well under way but i have some strange results (i think) from 3 Northern lights #9.
    In the pic: 1 is four weeks old, 2 is three weeks old and 3 is only about 10 days old. 1 and 2 were started under a single 200w Envirolite them transfered (at same time i put number 3 under the lights) to 2x 200w Enviro's. Number three seems to have gone mad compared the the other two. Is this because it is different stain (I should not be), because i started it under 2 lights, or that it is different sex? I am stumped to why it would look so different already. I have two more germinating that will go straight under 2 enviro's too. I hope they aint different too :)

    Does nyone have any ideas what is going on? Is it just that a sigle enviro was a poor start maybe?

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  2. maybe its the 2nd bulb that is helping #3 ??

    #1 & #2 look small for 3-4 weeks. (copmared to others I see here at G.C.)
  3. You need to get the lights closer, like 3 inches away if possible. Whats the deal with the water you trying to get the humidity higher? Need to be careful if you have water and electricity. Put a oscillating fan on them that will get the stems stronger. What kind of soil you using? 3 and 4 weeks they should be bigger, I have a plant that is 3.5 weeks and it is 17 inches with 6 nodes, already showing sex.
  4. Yeah, the water is to get the humidity higher and seems to be working well. I have tried putting the two lights closer but that raises the temp too much. Where they are is about 27 C so happy with that. That is with two 8 cm computer fans at the end of each light in the reflector too. I will keep an eye on all three, maybe the others are small because of the single light treatment they had.
    I have two more to put under the two lights soon, will be interesting to see what they do.
    I am using John Innes number 1 with 30% perlite at the minute. When i re-pot, they will go in number 3 with 30% Perlite.

    Think i will also see what i can do to get lights closer adding another extractor fan to help cool the GR quicker. It is my first grow so just playing around trying to get things spot on for future trouble free grows.

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