Northern Lights-78 Days-Done yet??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hyndmanstrider7, May 11, 2011.

  1. 600 watt HPS Fox Farm Soil and Nutes plus bud candy in 4 x 4 Grow tent.

    This is my first time with Northern lights and it seems like it just won't finish.

    Has anyone else had NL go this long..?

    Comments appreciated..

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    doesn look done to me alot of white hairs. what are you feeding? just read 9 to 11 weeks wow shes stil growing. again what are u feeding?
  3. Fox Farm Big Bloom Tiger Bloom Grow Big
    Fox Farm Cha Ching Beastie Bloom OPen sesame
    Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
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    What's the lighting schedule? and not to be a dick but those plants look like they've been through hell.
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    i would try flushing and feeding just water no nutes, and maybe give them a couple hours more of darkness. could there have been or be light pollution during dark hours? i also think you are using too much nutes, too much nitrogen. try the just giving them water thing.
  6. Flush begins tomorrow
  7. 12/12 for light schedule with no light leaks. I zip the tent up every night. The plant was vegged a long time and it is in a fairly small pot. Has gotten a little out of control and yep, tokeoutsmokeout, I agree, it looks like its been through war, but I'll have a good yield. Just hope everything turns out OK.

    My 3 indicators as to when to cut the plant are:

    3.Fan Leaf condition

    Right now I feel like I am 1 out of 3 as far as these are concerned(Fan Leaf).

    Any thoughts??
  8. Not done yet for sure. I agree, by the looks of your fan leaves you ought to be done but look at the pistils...and I cant really tell for sure but your trichs still look kinda clear.
  9. Thanks Cody. Trich's are just getting slightly milky..
  10. wait until at least 90% are going milky. this will give you a nice, uplifting high. oh, and those nutes are fine. i follow the entire foxfarm feed schedule and use all of that in conjunction with the bushdoktor products. i would recommend getting a jewelers loop or high power mag. glass to see the trychs going from milky to amber.
  11. northern lights is a long finisher. might go as long as 16 weeks, with the stress its looks like that plant has been through she might take longer.
  12. hey what northern lights strain is yours? i bought my NL from buy dutch seeds, but it doesnt say what type it is since theres several NL strains out there. whered you get yours and do you know?
  13. Thanks for the feedback dizzl. I'm glad there is someone else using the same nutes. Do you use the recomended dose with all your FF nutes..? FF soil too?

    I believe this is Nivana NL but no # on the seedpack

    81 days!!! Still going..
  14. yup, i dose the hell out of them with the high range. i use all FF products

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