Northern Lights: 1000 Watt Hps + 124 Watts Cfl Side Lighting Dwc Lucas Formula Video Journal

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  1. Hello Grasscity!

         It's been about 9 months since I began my adventure in the field of Cannabis cultivation. It has been an arduous journey to say the least...

         I have had two successful harvests running a perpetual grow, one of which was three girls in Air pots using roots organic which yielded approximately five total ounces . The second successful harvests came from clones taken from each of the three girls which were grown in a 5 gallon deep water culture system using the Lucas formula, which blessed me with a solid three ounces per plant harvested. However, halfway through my third round, I was in a bit of an uneasy environment and decided to end the project prematurely due to discovery concerns.

         I have since relocated and have begun the lengthy, but rewarding, process of establishing my garden once again! I want to share with all of you my favorite Cannabis strain, Northern Lights. I will be providing weekly updates of my girl who is currently flowering, along with her two little daughters which I have in veg. Feedback/suggestions are welcome. I hope we can all help each other in this wonderfully frosty journey.

  2. Day 1 - The Flip to 12/12

  3. Day 6 - First Buds Form

  4. Day 14 - Side Lighting Added

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    Plants in Veg - Northern Lights Clone #1 gets topped

  6. Northern Lights Clone #1 update
  7. Veg: Northern Lights Clone #2 and Sour D Seedling Updates

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    Northern Lights Flowering Day 23 - Life had my arms tied... late update

  9. Northern Lights Clone #1 1st Day of flowering - Big Momma NL has her main cola hairs turn orange on day 25

  10. Flowering Northern Lights Day 30; Clone #1 Day 5

  11. Just ended week 2 of Veg for the plant from seed and Northern Lights Clone #2

  12. The plant from seed was placed in the flowering chamber on June 25th.

  13. Northern Lights Flowering Day 36 in this video, sorry for the late post.

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