Northern Lights @ 10 weeks flower, pics inc

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Joe Budden, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all ok I have been growing a Barneys Farm Northern Lights for AGES now!!! Its on its 10th week flower and it needs at least 1 more week minimum!! If only I had of knew this before I planted the little seeds!! Hindsight is a wonderful thing lol.

    Ok I just need your advice on how long I should let it grow for? and a few comments of the plant, and has anyone ever grew or smoked northern lights? what kind of a smoke is it?

    Its growing onder a 400 HPS, using hesi organic nuets, worm castings, Bat guano, perlite, and vermiculite. Plant was in veg for 6 weeks and I have had no health problems with it.

    here are the pics, please comment

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  2. Can anyone help me out here?
  3. hiya m8 nice looking plant gratz on your grow

    i am kinda new to flowering cuz my first main grow is in this stage atm

    but i read that the plant is rdy to harvest once the buds are matured

    look for orange or purple hairs in the buds this is a sign that your girl is fully matured

    hope this helps -DeN- :wave:

    ps lights is a decent smoke alot of ppl say a good one to do first grow with i think i got a bag of it once i wish they labled what strain is was when u goto the dealers XD
  4. Hey thanks for commenting deniro69, yea well this is my forth grow and it has been the worst, at the start I had 6 northern lights, 1 AK47, and 1 Euforia lol the ak and euforia got killed accidental, and out of the 6 nothern lights 4 hermied on me, 1 was a male and i'm now left with this one lol, talk about bad genetics!!

    What also concerns me is that there is very little trics on this baby, very little!!

    I would estimate that 5-10% of the hairs have turned orange, so I'm thinking another week and it should be ready.

    A question for everyone:

    At what stage do you think is the best time to harvest I want to have a balanced high so I'm thinking, harvest when hairs are 80% orange? What do you think is the best?

    Please reply ppl

    Joe Budden

    Free The Weed

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  5. i always judge by the trichs
  6. Yea I have a microscope, but its crap.

    can anyone else help me out here?

    Joe Budden

    Free The Weed
  7. dude your plant looks nice but it should be done allready if your hairs are still poping out white, then your grow room is either to hot or your nutes are off. but that looks like a nice smoke for sure. dont know if that helps at all. I grow a regular northern lights from niravana and I also grow Northern Alience that I got from a old hippie, both are a dank and great smoke I swore to never loose the norther alience plants because it's such a great smoke, FYI Norther Alience is a cross of multipul norther lights strands. you'll like it....

  8. Thanks for your comment rubixone, I have never smoked northern lights :( so I really cant wait for it to finish but I'm not gonna be stupid and cut it down early. Love to try tat Norther Alience sounds good!!
  9. Just a heads up, dont be stupid and not cure it, it makes the smoke all the better. It looks like your growin some good bud, but before you cut it down, take a bud off, flash dry it, and smoke up to make sure its about where you want it.
  10. Go buy a new microscope for $20. Looking at the trichs is really the only way to know when your girls ready

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