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  1. If anyone has grown NL B4 could yu tell me did the hair on your NLB ever turn ink/brown B4 harvest I am about 7 weeks in growing 1 LSTed lant a the moment bds just keep swelling and shooting out hairs every where. i used 5 gallon pots in my super soil mix and the New Roots organic dry nutes. Ran another seed with my Bro and the hairs never turnned either nor have any of his clones buds had a few pink hairs though. My bro only uses has so e never tried any of the flowers. Want to know if this is juat a pheno or just let in run 9-10 weeks and keep checking the trichs. If nyone has grown this strain and can help it woud be great.
  2. Sounds normal ive heard of pistils turning a pinkish they will most likely turn red after dry/cure.

    Im not positive tho...
    All mine turn orange usually.
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    Here is a pic from my webcam will take more pics if needed NLB week 7 organic LST.[​IMG]
  4. Had 2 Pineapple Chunk clone in with her that were a week oldr then her and they both a curing rite now. And I know clones finish faster then from seed but webite where I buy my seeds said they ad the same flwering time but the NLB Lookslike it has much oe time to go. Trichs on are mostly clear with a few milky so I know I need moe time but will my hairs ever turn pink/brown.
  5. Thanks bro same thig happens to me will allmy ther strains this NLB is smelling so good rite now.

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