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Northern Ireland?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smoky14, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Just curious to see if their is any fellow N.I stoners lurking on these fourms? If their Iz I'd love to hear about the quality of weed you guys are getting
  2. whats happenin mate, im from belfast
  3. Nice to c a fellow smoker from NI:cool: don't seem to be to many o us on these fourms. I'm from ballymena dryer than a pakis flip flop down this way
  4. Holy shit dude, im from ballymena! im finding it okay to get some decent bud, you just need to have the right connections.
  5. I would usually get green no prob jus that my main dealer supplier got busted n the 5 ova dealers I no in town have shity tai stick or soap which I refuse to smoke
  6. Were abouts ballymena r u? Ballykeel, dunclug, harryvill.
  7. It's easy to come by in Belfast, never had any bother trying to get some.

  8. What the fuck did you just say?
  9. hahahahah, i'm pretty effing high, and i had no idea what this guy is saying, and i thought it was because i'm so high lol
  10. He was being racist, Paki is for Pakistani, bit like ****** for a black person. (However they don't use the word among themselves like black people do, unless they're taking the piss.)

    I'm from the UK man, don't be a racist shit.
  11. lol its just a saying guys chill out, your on the internet theres plenty of more offensive stuff out there
  12. Not from there but I have some family that lives about 30 minutes west of ballymena. Wasn't able to find any buds out there, but I did manage to find a nice chunk of hash. Too bad it wasn't high quality, but it was made up for in quantity.
  13. Just because there is 'more offensive stuff out there' doesn't excuse that behavior.
  14. Word up to Belfast!
  15. Im from Antrim and it is composed of shit weed. Belfast on the other hand no problem getting some good shit that direction :D
  16. who cares I have a Irish flag in my room, ireland! this tokes for ireland!
  17. Wish I'd have seen this thread sooner!! I'm in Belfast... And the green isn't that good, but then I haven't made the right connections I guess... Haven't lived here long :)

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