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  1. I recently was lucky enough to travel to cali with my uncle this past november.
    He works on projectors at small movie theaters throughout the usa.
    We went to a theater in wilits after winding through the redwoods.
    The hotel we stayed at was in Ukiah.
    I have to say that we went alot of places on this trip and N cali was by far my favorite.
    I now understand why so much quality comes from there.
    Absolutely Beautiful landscape..
  2. You see the ocean up and down Cali. My god this place is fucking wonderful. You probably didn't even get to see 1/10th of what I've seen but this place truly is spectacular. Glad you were able to enjoy what I'm fortunate enough to see every day.
  3. by far my favorite part of the US thus far.

    we drove through willits, i think.

    as soon as we got into arcata, i felt like i was home. i WILL live in humboldt someday. :)
  4. thanks for the recognition ... it truely is beautiful in the Northern area and im blessed to be surrounded by this area
  5. Ya Buddy Nor-cal Born and Raised!! More likely Die here As well, I love are redwoods, coastal beach's & Rugged Snow Topped Mountains.( Not to Mention Are Fine Herb):hello:
  6. i love Nor Cal.

    im hoping to trim out there this fall. i met a guy from mendo, and he told me to call him in spetember! lol. hoping that works out.
  7. love it heeeere
  8. When it gets too hot, I go to Berkeley, or maybe Tahoe to go swimming. Sometimes Bodega Bay, or Carmel for the beach run. I'm within 45 minutes of 40 wineries, 10 minutes of about 20.

    We are truly blessed.

    Yesterday the weather was unbelievable. It rained, got windy, and the sun broke...this happened like 3 times in a row over a 6 hour period. My plants got rain, sun, and wind. It was beautiful. From 5-8 P.M, the sun was beaming with a high sky. This morning they was stanky!

    Oh, yeah....and we got bomb-ass taco trucks! Carnitas por favor.....:yummy:
  9. I have never been to cali, but know that I would love northern cali, and prob never leave. I am gonna make a trip to northern cali within the next few months. Would be helpful and cool to have a chill acqaitance in the area. :smoke:
  10. Well thank you! And yes Northern Cali is sooo bomb man. If anyone can afford it I suggest you try to move to the best coast :)

  11. I had to post again because the taco trucks out here are a fucking revelation.
  12. I loved Nor-cal, except for the cops. I went to college at Humboldt state University. I think I learned more about weed then I did about business(my major). It rains a bit to much for my taste but if it didn't then it would look like the rest of Cali (coastal desert).
  13. I live on the tippy top of norcal. The weather where i live SUCKS, snows one day 83 degrees the next, but damn the bud here is awesome.
  14. Hey lemme ask you somethin. I was told that the mothers of my plants were grown in the mountains and, at the time the clones were taken, the mothers were in the snow.

    Can this be true? Y'all do that up there?
  15. Umm, in the snow? Unless hes growing indoors hes full of shit. Plants cannot survive in weather that cold.
  16. Got invited to a hippy fest way up near the El Dorado National Forest, but on private land. It was crazy.....I was scerd at first cuz it was so trippy.

    Everything was outdoors. There was a huge stage set-up with full on concert A/V set-up, even lighting and a fog machine. Dudes were jammin' old school, bluegrass, and classic rock stuff. Dudes just showin-up,pluggin-in, and jammin'

    There was hella barbecue with 2 dudes blazin and grillin'

    There was a big ass shaded bar with a vape, a couple grinders, and several strains. I donated my og kush and vaped on some bubblegum.

    People were camped out all over the property, under the giant trees.

    I got high, ate, drank some red wine, and went the fuck home cuz it was kinda wierd. I think an orgy broke out after I left, but it's coo cuz most of the hippies present hadn't bathed in a few days :eek:

    Only in Nor Cal
  17. No way central Pa withits collapseing steel mills and sulfer filled runoff from the mines killin all wildlife in the water is much nicer......luky fuks
  18. :wave: when marijuana finally becomes legal this year NoCal will be the meca of weed in the U.S:D:smoking:
  19. Couple hours ago, just put freshly sprouted Chiesel and Iced Grapefruit in small planters and set up the light.

    Freezing water in the river did not let on that it was like 92 out.

    Peace :bongin:
  20. not when the personal grower can only grow in a 5'x5' grow area.big meca in 5'x5' grow area i bet it becomes huge lol.and only a mdical marijuana provider as in clubs or dispenceries can sell pot at no more than 5 grams.and the most IMPORTANT rule in this years balot is u CAN NOT possess more than an ounce of pot,so u better not grow more than an ounce or your screwed.BIG MECA:devious:

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