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Northern California

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CrackaSmoka, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. A friend and I were thinking about moving out to Northern California. We are taking a trip out there shortly to see where we would like to live. I plan to see as much as I can while I'm there, but I would like to ask some questions to those of you who are already living there. Could you tell me where some good places to live, colleges, medincal clubs, places where their are a lot of good shows, outdoor entertainment, and cool places to go. Any feedback will help make the trip more productive, thank you. We were also planning on making our on medicine so I was wondering what the exact rules are on cultivating with a card. thanks
  2. I would like t oget some info on this as well.

    When im off probation im either going to cali or canada.

    or maybe even back to Poland.

    i have no idea right now
  3. Nor Cal is a stoner's paradise my friends. I've lived in the East Bay my whole life and LOVE IT.

    The Easy Bay is wondeful, but so is all of the Bay. If you can afford it, San Francisco is amazing place to live, but the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, etc...) is just as nice and a bit cheaper. Futher North there's Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt Counties. LOTS of space and nature up there (and bud...). The People in all these places are wonderful. As far as colleges, there's Cal Berkeley, Stanford, and a bunch of great Cal-States all over Nor Cal.

    There are great Medical clubs, some of the best in the Country. San Francisco and Oakland have several great ones. Check for a list of clubs. I've only delt with the Oakland clubs, check for more info.

    There are loads of great places to see live music and art. Let me know what your into and i'll list some places.

    I love letting people know about great things to do in the area, so feel free to ask any more questions. I Hope this helped.
  4. Yeah man NORCAL is the best. Me and some buddies usually head out to this club and Hayward and we have friends up in Humboldt County who bring back pounds of Dank.
  5. wht part of norcal...................cuz the true norcal is up here...........humbolt county.....siskiyou county and Shasta County..................damn fine weed up here.........i am getting 20$ 1/8ths and they are FATTY
  6. I will be moving to Bakersfield in late December:smoke:
  7. ive got family in humboldt county.. i live and go to school in santa cruz, theyve got lots of good clubs in the bay area.. norcal>the world
  8. if i was not from Cali then I would move to Humboldt county somewhere cause you will probably get more bang for your buck The Bay Area is best place to be no doubt in Northern Cali but it's true you need cash. And lots of it to live comfortably. Might be harder to grow in SF and other cities too though very possible. Humboldt is wide open spaces in a lot of areas and the county laws regarding medical MJ are more liberal than the state guidelines.

  9. Hey so do I. :):bongin:

  10. mines in sohum.. garberville/redway area :bongin:

  11. Willow creek area.
  12. if you live close enough to oregon, you will have the benifit of being able to buy huge purchase with no tax, and register your car cheaper.

    ITs all good, just if you dont mind the weather, the summer is beautiful.

    and wikipedia agness oregon.
  13. I just moved to Eureka in Humboldt County and its great up here:smoke:
  14. thanks for all the responses.. I was just wondering where some good places to see some shows are? and a nice place for 3 college students to live thats not real expensive, thanks

  15. hello,calicheese23, kool site. me and my family are moving your way. we are sick of the bull shit here in the midwest !we smoke and grow .we are tired of taking a chance of getting pop and going to we put are home up for sell and have aucationed off all our household stuff.we own a rv and are driving it there. let me know how it is out there.we have seen alot of kool shit on the net. we have a girlfriend that lives down by san francisco.she has a 215 card and said its the bomb there. :)
  16. wish i lived in cali
  17. I live in Solano County, it's not bad. The tree up here is pretty good, I wish i lived a little bit closer to the bay, it's about an hour drive which really isn't that bad it would be nice if I could move down to the heart of the bay. You can also check out Chico State great party school and an awesome area to live at.

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