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  1. Hey y'all the season is in full-swing. Got my ladiesin the ground and grow bags.

    This pic was taken Feb 9th with 2x400w MH lamps and a T5 over in the corner that was a bit dark. Germinated the seeds Jan 1st in paper towels then planted them in 4" pots with 707 soil.

    Eventually they went into 1 gallon pots.

    We have:
    Orange Punch x Sour Diesel

    Sour Banana Sherbet

    Chem4 x Skunk #1

    Big Perm [OG#18 x (LA Ultra Kush x Chem4 Alien OG)]

    Super Star Dawg 2.0

    And last but not least...
    AK47 x (Chem4 x Skunk #1)

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  2. IMG_20190407_145659.jpg
    April 7th by this time most of them are in 5 gallon pots. Starting to show sex.
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  3. April 27th and they went outside because it was an unseasonably warm spring. Lots of rain but also lots of sunshine.

    You're thinking "shit that's way too early! They'll start to bloom!"
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  4. The lights went outside with them (yes I live in the woods)
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  5. The cage is to keep the vermin deer from eating them. Yes the 400w MH lights ran overnight even on super super rainy nights. Some mornings the ballastsand bulbs would literally be draining streams of water. No exploded bulbs or burned up ballasts. That's he nice thing about old school coil ballasts.
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  6. Started getting them in bags and in the ground the first week in May. I put CFL lamps next to each plant to keep them from blooming.
  7. Why did I use bags AND holes?

    Long story short I got tired of digging fucking holes.

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  8. IMG_20190509_181804.jpg oops I meant to attach a full image not a thumbnail.
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  9. Some of the ladies were already 4' tall when planted IMG_20190511_201149.jpg
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  10. My soil is a mixture of 1/3 recycled soil from the previoust tenants grow sites (hardly any perlite... Looked like bulk soil from a landscaping yard), 1/3 reclaimed soil from friends who grow indoor (707, Lucky Dog, Happy Frog, etc), and 1/3 fresh 707 soil
  11. So this was May 23. One of the AK x ChemSkunk hybrids. IMG_20190523_202847.jpg
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  12. Here is the same plant July 3. 7' tall and 7' diameter.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves... IMG_20190703_141210.jpg
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  13. The Sour Bananas on May 28th
    (The Sour Banana plants are the only clones in the garden)
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  14. The same Sour Banana clones July 3 IMG_20190703_142018.jpg
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  15. AK47 x ChemSkunk stalk June 28 IMG_20190624_180312.jpg
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  16. The Super Star Dawg is quite heavy on the sativa hybrid side. Lots of space between nodes. Not the biggest leaves. Very skunky even in veg. IMG_20190703_142752.jpg
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  17. Chem4 x Skunk #1 @ 5' tall as of July 3 IMG_20190703_142705.jpg
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  18. Orange Punch Diesel @ 5-1/2' tall as of July 3 IMG_20190703_142729.jpg
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