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    I did two gardens this past year, one on raw land and the other in my landlords backyard near my camper. both turned out pretty good I think. I will start from the beggining and update as much as possible, both of these grows are now done and harvested. 
    Purchased land completely raw, got a well drilled just in time for the season, and threw it all together was really suprised at the results seeing as how rushed it all was. 
    first things first, some really good starts, got em going early Blue Dream, Infinite Euphoria, Headmaster, Grand Daddy purps, Afghan goo, blackberry kush. 
    The land, definitely needs some work before a garden can be put in.
    Got out there with the chainsaw, opened up some good sunlight now were lookin better.
    Water, check.
    007 (2).JPG
    More to come very soon going to split everything up, got a lot of pictures to post. 

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    Keep them coming, Good looking starts
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    Has a excavator come out and get things right, now we are getting somewhere. The soil I used is just amazing, purchased from a local spot with plenty of chicken shit and other good stuff.  The starts all are hardened to the outdoors and ready to be put in. After the first month or so of veg everything looks great I'm pleased as can be. I added a close up of the soil, up at the other grow spot.
    not sure who that freakin psycho with the red hair is, but he needs to get out of my garden
    005 (2).JPG
    Feeding with compost tea, but only once and a while, just a little tea here and there to keep the soil alive and teeming with microbiology. Every few rounds I add crab meal and some mollasses to the compost tea, to sweeten up the deal a little 8). I probably could of topped a lot more of these for a higher yeild, this grow was very experimental i learned a lot from it. Theres something about going into the ground I really enjoy, well worth any extra work to me. 
  4. After 6 weeks and as the warmth of the summer turns on, they really started to love life. Mid-way through the veg cycle I did lose 2 big ones, multiple pounders, to gofers, live and learn have to be vigilant about gofer netting. Will add more photos soon
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    More shots mid summer. Everything is filling in well, top dressing with worm castings and bone meal, and sometimes added to the tea. I do not use a strict feeding schedule, i do it by feel.
    lots more photos still to come.
    This is one of the infinite euphoria plants, they seem to be the most vigorous. Every week or so i bend the branches back and stake them a little farther out, this thing is really becoming a monster.  
    002 (2).JPG
    on duty
    Another few shots of the infinite euphoria, its about 10-11 ft tall at this point
     and thats the headmaster, there to the right taking the center garden spot
    005 (3).JPG
    008 (2).JPG
    007 (3).JPG
    photo of the alternate garden also mid summer, at a higher elevation about 3,000 ft. Everything here looks good as well im very pleased at this point.
    strains at the higher elevation garden: infinite euphoria, blue dream, diesel, purple diesel, and grand daddy purps.
    001 (2).JPG
    lots more to come, of flowering mostly. peace
  6. Beautiful plants. Keep up the good work!!! 
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    Thanks guys, this was definitely one of the best times of my life its nice to share. Here are pics of flowering. 
    Do your thing baby
    Right before flowering, Blue dream's on the right side of the screen, and the headmaster on the left.
    One of the two massive infinite's, really starting to chunk up now. I definitely get less weight than your average conventional farmer, but make up for it in quality, for sure. 
    In the front we have the other massive infinite (was at least 12ft tall), followed by a blue dream, then the headmaster, and in the back is the other infinite euphoria from the wheel barrow picture. Still feeding with compost tea, crab meal, and bone meal. Seemed to do the trick just fine, and the crab meal definitely reminds me of new england thats a plus 8). 
    very pleased at this point
    This is one of the Blue dreams up at the second garden, 3,000ft elevation. I love the orchard style grow, all in the ground, but im not knocking these 200 gallon grow pots either, they work great. Purple diesel is on the left side of the shot. 
    I have another set of photos of some close ups from flowering, will add soon. thanks for looking :D
  8. Here are some nice close ups. 
    the purple diesel, was good but still not as good as the original
    blue dream
    Headmaster, cured up and just came out amazing. anyone who can get this strain and grow it, DO IT, the most potent bud ive dealth with. I got high as hell just trimming this bud without gloves on, its great stuff.
    thanks for looking
  9. a hard working dog getting some well deserved rest. thanks for the loyal service bud. Peace all
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