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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cloudman, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Hi, I have moved just north of San Francisco. I Have Been told that this is an ideal for growing out doors. I would need to know,
    1.the season(s)
    2.the best type to grow
    3.any special needs
    4.the amount my "crop"will yeild
    5. and local laws

    if any one lives in the area i would be greatfull for a responce!
  2. A) Laws are some what the same... you grow weed get caught go 2 jail...

    B) your going to need a somewhat high mold resisitant plant. If your new i recomend northern lights or hollands hope..

    C) your yield will vary on your care for your plant and the type of plant you choose.

    D) special needs time to spend with your plants and not letting people know you have your plants outback or w.e?

    E) seasons are somewhat the same plant a couple of weeks after last frost (dont want your plants to die)

    F) start indoors then move outside.

    G) i usualy plant outside my babies 7 inches (after being grown indoors) in about late may early june. people tend to vary it doesnt relaly matter youll have hot nice weather in cali.

    H) look around read up first before you get yourself into something you cant finish

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