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    So this will be my first grow and I am very excited about it. I have been doing a lot of reading and planning and wanted to start putting it down so I can get some feedback from everything I have been thinking so far...

    First off as the thread says I plan to grow Northern Berry from PeakSeedsBC

    #2 I will be growing In a stealth box aprox. 2ft wide, 3ft long and 8ft high.
    I plan on dividing the box with a lower section for seedlings and clones and using the upper level for veg and flowering possibly building a second space for flowering only later on.

    #3 I plan on using a 250w MH HID setup for the upper level and (probably CFLs for the clones and seed babies.) WOULD LOVE SUGGESTIONS ON WHETHER THAT IS THE BEST PLAN OR NOT.

    #4(20) With the amount of space I have I plan on growing only about 4 plants at a time. Its for personal use and would rather focus on quality rather than packing the box.

    #5 I am going to use a soil mixture I have written down somewhere and I have not decided on food for my plants yet so Input would be greatly appreciated in this area especially.

    #6 I Plan on keeping a through grow journal and getting as much of the pre planning done so that i just have to follow a schedule or (close to one while adjusting depending on plants). ANY IMPUT IS MORE THAN WELCOME

    Lastly I will try to post pictures and keep this updated as much as possible. I would really really really like as much feed back as I can get!!!
    Also if anyone has a somewhat detailed calendar that just has sort of an entire grow put down on dates I would love to see it. I cant seem to find one anywhere that just says hey I watered this day and fed this day and adjusted this day and this is how its going.

    Anyway I hope this goes well! It will be an experience.
  2. I just ordered a large variety of seeds from peak. I got a pack of each that he has available. Is this your first indoor grow? How did your seeds look and how long did it take to receive them? Have you germinated any yet? If so how many came up?
  3. You can't really go by what other people water. You'll just have to go by how your plants look and how your soil looks. I would feed with something simple for now. What type of soil are you using?
  4. Yes this is my first real grow i started an attempt years ago and stopped but I want to try again and do it right this time. I have not ordered my seeds just yet im going to order sometime in the next week though. I want to make sure my grow box is set up well and i have a really good idea of what im doing so im not fumbling around mid grow. I know i will have to adjust and go with the grow but I want to try and be prepared. I have read fox farms ocean is a good starter soil but I dont know what the NPK levels are in it just yet. I plan on using different soils for germination and growth when i transplant them into larger pots. Is this the best way to do it? I am mostly following the cannabis grow bible and this site for info so if any suggestions are better than others I am all for trying a couple different things out.
  5. Im just going to clarify what I have read... says for germ i should use a soil with really low npk like 5:1:1 or 8:4:4 as long as the N is higher than the p and k. I know babies want low or no nuts for the first couple weeks so maybe a 5:1:1 or 0:0:0 soil would be good for that.I think i am supposed to transplant around 3 weeks but im not sure any suggestions? After transplant (to a 3 gallon pot for veg) I am looking at a soil with 20:20:20 from what I have read.Any soil mixtures that have worked well for people would be greatly appreciated in the thread!!! Obviously with this being the first grow I can always toy with soil mixtures in later grows and see how it goes. GROW RHYMES WITH EVERYTHING! So while my plants are veging and right before they go into flowering i have read that they need higher levels of P and i should change my nutes to account for that. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON a complete feeding brand?

    Also I have decided to make a separate clone/mother box with fluorescent lighting and make my veg/flowering box a 3x3 with a 400W light instead of the earlier setup. PICTURES WILL HAPPEN SOON. Any suggestions on the fluorescent lighting setup?
  6. I grow my seedling in pro-mix they make one for seedling. It about ten bucks a bag. I grow them out till they have roots out the bottom then they go into fox farm ocean forest. Aurora makes a complete kit it costs about 40 bucks it lasts me 1 cycle. You want to transplant into your flowering container so you only transplant once. Your going to have heat issues in a 3x3 box with a 400 watt light so plan for that. You'll need a good exhaust fan. I would recommend getting everything together before you start you beans.
  7. Do you think a 250 Hps would be better? since i only plan on having 4 plants in there? would be cheaper and should produce the lumens i need without the heat right?
  8. You'll still have heat issues with a 250. You souls get a air cooled hooded no matter what you use it makes controlling the temps much easier.
  9. Glad it's winter. Hid comes in handy in my little space. Heats up the room perfectly as long as I have a fan goin
  10. I was looking at getting the Sun System 2 250w light from looks like a good light for the price. and getting the two different bulbs the 4000k for veg and the other 250w full spectrum for flowering.
  11. Amazon, 400 watt ballast and all is the same price. Look at ipower
  12. If i go with the 400w do you know if there will be a huge heat difference? and im assuming more light is better for the plants so hopefully better yield?
  13. If you go with the 400 , there will be heat, but its easily fixed with a couple small fans or one bigger one. If ur like me then its winter here and the lights actually keep the temp normal. You got a box so fans should be used anyways for vents, and a lil one right on em usually does wonders. All lights will get hot but it's really not that big of a deal as long as it is ventilated well. Are goin to be supplementing CFCs on the sides of the main plants too?
  14. You can kinda think of it like this of you want. It's more heat than a 250 but not really with the ventilation
  15. ok 400w it is and i can just amp up the vents if it gets too hot. I also need to find a good T5 set up for clones.
  16. You are going to want the bigger light hps for flowering. Make sure you get a good that you can hook up so vent tubes. That'll be the most efficient way to cool the room.
  17. How tall is your space?
  18. There is a thread that I think will really help. The guy there started a micro grow with a 250 and moved up to a 400. If you have enough air movin, you ca. Put it pretty close as long as you don't put it insanely close, but he had no probs with heat with his ventilation fans he was able to keep an optimal 75-80 a little below that is ok, every plant responds different.
  19. Since im making a separate cloning box the veg/flower box is going to be 3x3x7. I cant really run much outside of the box since im going to try and camo it as a crate for some of my artwork. But im going to try and make an air intake and exhaust specific for the light and then run an intake and exhaust to pull air up through the box. As well as a fan to move the plants a bit. I mean that will be a lot of air moving around so 400 should be fine im thinking. And height shouldnt be an issue with a 7ft
  20. Yup should be fine. If you think you will need something at like 4 ft, I would recommend trying out led and cfl combo. They have no heat and the new LEDs are awesome although pricey, 150-200 bucks can get you a very nice ufo led. Just make sure that the LEDs are 2w each minimum stay away from anything that says orange bulbs n stuff. Anyway , happy growing!

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