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  1. 04E4A6B4-7A92-48BF-A873-D88BCDB8D816.jpeg F8758544-EB69-4CFF-8801-2D04048FEE19.jpeg 04E4A6B4-7A92-48BF-A873-D88BCDB8D816.jpeg Hey guys! New member here. I am located in the north east and am growing outdoors. Love the process. I have what I consider a beautiful healthy plant. A grower buddy of mine had not seen one with as many fan leaves as mine has, just wondering if it’s strain dependent and if any pruning is necessary. It’s a few weeks into flower now. Here are some pics. Using grow more Hawaiian bud and bloom and am tapering off tiger bloom. Any recommendations for flowering nutrients? Thanks!

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  2. Here’s another photo. Was not uploaded for some reason (approx 6.5 feet tall and about 8 feet wide

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