North Korea sentenced two American journalists to 12 years in a labor camp

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  1. Sucks for them. They should have heeded the warning.


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    Man they asked for it, everyone knows NK doesnt fuck around with that kind of shit. If you're going there better make sure you plan ahead of time and notify NK and the US of your travel.

    Sad but thats reality when you play ball on someones yard , someone who has a big "KEEP OFF THE LAWN" sign infront.
  3. nuke 'em
  4. Fucking NK, SK needs to take over NK badly. :cool: My friend is a south korean. :) I'm planning go there sometime.

  5. A friend of mine went there on a trip for work, he said it was pretty kool but it was messed up because he saw these dog trucks and the korean people were saying how they beat the dogs and for like 2 hours before they kill them because they think the adrenaline in the blood makes meat more tender, he said it was really sad to watch them just beat the fuck out of these dogs before they murder them

    They beat them infront of all the other dogs too, to like instill fear in them before they get their beating and murder.
  6. Well its interesting because we dont know exactly where the journalists were exactly when they were took into NK custody. It draws great controversy and conclusions at this point because they were already persecuted under NK court. But we can never conclude that they were trespassing because of the history and gain of NK.
  7. Seriously? Shit that sounds worse than even the grossest of factory farms in the U.S..

    For realz though... I have a hunch that democracy is right around the corner for NK

  8. Mist, sarcastic SOB

  9. ya dude its 100% true you can look it up on youtube, i'm not going to put any links because it gives me the chilly willies considering I have 2 dogs I wuv wury wury much

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