North Korea Opening the Door ?

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    The best looking man in the world Kim Jong-Un has been puffing on the peace pipe of late.


    His New Years speech promised much with talk of unifying the two Koreas and opening up the North to trade with the rest of the world.

    [ame=]North Korean leader reaches out to South - YouTube[/ame]

    It is also been reported that the North are getting some advice from German economists on how to open the country to trade.

    German Paper Reports North Korea Preparing Economic Opening - SPIEGEL ONLINE

    Are we about to see something monumental happen ?

    Will pretty boy Kim be able to convince the military leadership of NK to wheel and deal with the rest of the world ?
  2. Fantastic! Good idea consulting German economists also. It would have been epic fail to consult American economists.

  3. Their name is Rothschild, so don't get too excited, we consulted with them too.:D
  4. Lol, if they enter trade it will be under the us and natos terms.

  5. So what? The people will be greatly helped by any freeing of the market. This seems to be a sign of things to come for North Korea.
  6. I hope this brings good things for the NK people. They need some freedom in that bitch for sure....
  7. I hope this is with good intention, but I feel this is a way their government is trying to get stronger rather than him wanting to help the people.

  8. That's probably correct, but who cares. The people will benefit regardless of the motives behind it.
  9. Am i alone in slightly admiring what North Korea are attempting to achieve with their society. I mean, yeah, its fucked up and wrong, but so is America, and pretty much every other country. Im pretty sure a lot of the citizens are 'happy', although they don't know how we live on the other side. Good luck to the young chubby korean.

  10. North Korea is one of the most fucked up countries in the world. There is nothing to admire about the place....really.

  11. What exactly do you think they are trying to achieve with their society?

    It is fucked up and wrong on an extreme level. America, while fucked up in it's own right, is not even close to North Korea.
  12. hardly fair to tell me what i should and should not admire in a nation. you can't say there is NOTHING to admire about the place, there is plenty. it has its major, major flaws though clearly.

    I just admire the idea of this communist state. and haven't you ever thought that if other nations were more accepting of the notion of a totalitarian communist state, then north korea would have a better relationship with the rest of the world, and in turn, its own people.

  13. I'm sure the majority of the world doesn't want to live in a totalitarian state.

    Maybe you do, so you should move to NK.
  14. no, im sure they don't... it is my belief that they already do, though.

    I just see it as a more transparent form of what America is trying to achieve i guess. Which is ultimate power and control over its people. which is clearly wrong.

    and when i say transparent, i mean strictly from the outside looking in. of course they lie and cheat their people every day, and this is wrong. they live in a fucked up fairytale world, with a cult of personality, and human rights abuses.

    i just see similarities with NK and its polar opposite, US, thats all i guess...

    and, i suppose i would like to see NK thriving under communist rule, although absolutely not in the dictatorship style it is now, if NK could work as a democracy that would be great. can't see it ever happening though, it will be all or nothing.

  15. I still don't see a thing to admire about that, let alone plenty.
  16. that makes me happy, maybe the people of NK will have a chance now. i'll admit, i know very little about NK.

    but after watching this video it reeeally opened my eyes to just how ass backwards it really is over there. its a very good documentary too, definitely recommend checking out

    Inside North Korea - VICE Travel - Part 1 of 3 - YouTube

    and trefoil is right, there are some things to admire about the people over there. never seen such a maaaaaaaaaassive choreographed dance till i saw that documentary ^
  17. Not doubting, but are the sources legit? I can't find anything from bbc, CNN, fox, etc (although I hate these and I don't think any of them, especially fox, is credible)

    Omega369 :wave:

  18. He linked to Der Spiegel. It's a major news source.
  19. i admire many things, but mainly Juche ideology. whether or not that ideology is correctly replicated into the society is a whole different debate.

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