North Korea Legal Marijuana.

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  1. The growth, sale and consumption of cannabis is not regulated by the North Korean government or classified as a drug.

    This is news too me but I think they would use it for paper, fibers etc etc...
    I mean why the fuck would they get high while they starve?
    It also makes me wonder... What if everything our government says about them is a lie and it was all propoganda (illuminati) and they are the good guys. I don't know but why did nobody ever know about this shit?

  2. But since there are no imports all thee weed there is seriously weak, about 2-5% I think. Although even soldiers in the North Korean army are allowed to smoke on breaks
  3. But since there are no imports all thee weed there is seriously weak, about 2-5% I think. Although even soldiers in the North Korean army are allowed to smoke on breaks I think
    Even weak in THC, they can still make potent extracts. Think about all the shit people make with trimmings and ABV weed.
  5. I really think they use hemp and not really even use it to get high.
  6. Its the common people's drug of choice there. Yeah, its not comparable to Cali bud, but even schwag will get you high if you smoke enough of it! 
    The common citizens/works typically relax and unwind their day with North Korean bud, free from persecution from them for that reason.
  7. Research that more. They prefer to smoke reefer instead of tobacco because they say it is healthier. They use both hemp and cannabis there. They are actually known for rolling doobies with newspapers and it is a common thing that a large chunk of the population does. But yes... they use it to get high haha.
  8. Damn, so one of the most oppressive governments in the world, is less oppressive about marijuana than America.
  9. I've heard alot of people have plants there, it's just a normal thing. As far as I know it's all normal, non genetically modified/crossbread stuff that grows in the mountains etc, so it's not going to be as strong as skunk overall. 

    As for illuminati propaganda...look up camp 22, Yodok camp, etc etc, and spend 40 minutes on google maps observing the sheer size of these disgusting places, read books like 'Aquariums of Pyongyang' about the rare people who've escaped these camps and managed to get to the west..and i'm sure you wont have to wonder much anymore. Mass murder, human experimentation, torture, standardized rape of all ages, generations being born in camp etc. 
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    I get the feeling the economic sanctions of the truly most oppressive government in the world (U.S.) are as or more damaging to the N Korean people as their own government.
    Yes. It all depends which side of an argument you're on as to who the "good guys" are.
    N. Korea is corrupt and abusive, but so is America.
    It's kinda like the countries where the illuminati move in and steal away all the resources. Any opposition is labeled a "terrorist".
    Convenient labels. Inconvenient details.
    N. Korea is one of the few countries not in the World Bank/IMF. Of course there is a giant smear campaign against them.
    Iran is another, not surprisingly. The banksters want them in the fray.
  11. Trying to compare any country to North Korea is laughable.
    Watch Inside North Korea (can be found on netflix) and you will get a glimpse of just how brainwashed those poor bastards are.
      .No Freedom
      .Intense Starvation
      .Totalitarian Government
      .Virtually no medical treatment available
    Oh yeah but you can smoke all the pot you want!!! sounds great :rolleyes:
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    We should all plan a vacation to NK, the greatest country on earth.
    *not to be taken seriously by members of the NSA
    Do not listen to this freedom hater.
  13. It's estimated that one third of internet traffic per evening in the US is coming from Netflix servers.
    You're closing your eyes and hoping for the best trusting documentaries meant to show us how the world "really is" from such a source.
    They have quite a monopoly. I wouldn't put too much faith in their "educational" viewing. They carry all the biggest prohibitionist movie companies' movies, which are riddled with various propaganda as is.
    Ya know, the media can tell you how good you have it in America. (Which we largely do.) But, they can also paint the opposition in a way to make us seem rosy. Which we are not. N. Korea is undoubtedly shown videos of how evil we are. Same difference.
  14. lol @ smells moist... colder than penguin piss
  15. guys guys what if north korea is actually the best place ever and the government wants the people to not notice that NK is better so they spread lies about missil launches and communism and shit? In all seriousness i think its great that its not even classified as a drug there.
  16. I don't know dude, the people look rather thin in videos of the place... thinner than healthy

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