North Kentucky/ Cincinnati smokers

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  1. just looking for some like minded people with a good connect, i just moved here and ive been dry for too long. please reply, im dying

  2. Can't do connects here, sorry.
    Read the the guidelines, that way you can enjoy your stay without fear of the banhammer, because it's a really fun/chill place to spend time on.

    Also, cmon' dude.
    Don't act like an addict.
    I went toke-free for six months; you can handle it crybaby. 
  3. Cincinnati is in Ohio
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    It practically borders North Kentucky. 
  5. I know. 
    Just trying to poke fun whenever I'm able.  :laughing:
  6. my bad. didnt read the rules. also, i wasnt trying to seem like a crybaby or addict. ive been without for over a year before and i was just trying to express my want for some bud. thanks for the heads up
  7. I'm supposed to be there right now...... family is there though  :hide:
  8. Okay. I don't actually think you're a crybaby.
    You're a man among men. 
    Just trying to make ends meet.
    Life's a struggle.
    All the jazz.
    I know being dry sucks. I feel for you. I'd give you a connect, through a PM, if you actually lived in Miami and I could confirm you on a social media. Maybe there is someone on these forums that reads these threads and might do the same. 
  9. well if anyone is in the area, message me to chill and smoke

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