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North FL

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ILoveWeed247365, May 11, 2010.

  1. I saw a South and Central FL posting so thought I'd contribute.

  2. Looks like some krip, where at in North FL?

    I'm in the 904 :smoking:
  3. NW FL ha
  4. pan handle? gtfo. my connect in the 904 is gone for the summer and now we're handlin trash weed it makes me sad
  5. Lol so is it true that florida is banning pipe/glass sales...... wtf is the point
  6. #6 Stonedasshit, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    the fact that our governor or someone with a high seat, used to be a huge crack head who used to smoke crack through bongs. And thinks that other people will do the same, therefore stores can only stay open if their sales meet a certain % of tobacco products and accesories (75% products, 25% accesories) otherwise their shut down... it's the most unfair shit i've ever heard
  7. That is dumb as hell. Watch paper sales skyrocket so high in florida, that they assume crack heads have started rolling crack joints, even tho im 90% sure thats impossible...well 100% crack joint... and they ban rolling papers too.... Thats the day, i give up hope lol
  8. "Hello shopkeep, I wish to buy one pack of smoking tobacco."
    "Ok, that'll be $155.50."
    "Thank you, shopkeep."
    "You're welcome, and here is your free smoking utensil."
  9. ^^^ that just described exactly what i was picturing happening. They could put up a display of pieces and say certain tobacco comes with certain oh this (technically 5 dollar) bag of tobacco is 45 dollars, and it comes with one of our many custom smoking utensils, OH but this tobacco over here is very potent, and requires water filtration, so if you buy this 175 dollar tobacco, we provide you a free water pipe to use with it.... HAHAHA gotta buy up tobacco to get some glass
  10. Yea I'm completely fine with doing that, haha.
  11. hahaha Here sir we have the finest bag of tobacco in the store, its a 2000 dollar bag of your finest custome grown *cough* blown *cough* tobacco And of course along with it you get this 6 foot, glass water pipe for free
  12. We have 2 shops in my area.. One of them is a cigar and coffee shop so they're fine. The other one is a straight up weed accessory store. Both are open so IDK what that law thing is about..
  13. ^ Law goes into effect June 7th I believe
  14. All this law does is shuts down hardworking shop owners and moves the product into convenience stores...
  15. it says that only shops that sell mostly tobbaco can sell bongs, so long as they have a lot of blunt wraps on deck they should be straight, correct?
  16. thats some funk! rep FLA and stay burnin blizzerds!!!
  17. same thing is going on in WI, we get good bud for a month then it runs out and were stuck with some shwag that someone is spraying with that tasty puff stuff.

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