North Carolina Smokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeGood365, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. i'm from Durham 919.
  2. I'm also from the 919, and live in durham/chapel hill.
  3. fayetteville whats uuuup
  4. 910/252

    pm me lets get 2gether :hippie:
  5. anyone else in fayetteville or ft bragg?
  6. from concord 704 but in Greenville for school now !!!!
  7. Anyone in chapel hill area? Hit me up :D
  8. hell yah lets get together and have a huge sausage fest at my house!
  9. :D sounds good lol
  10. Let's do it lol
  11. Wilkes co. I would flip if there was someone else on here from this area. I'm way out in the sticks so I have to grow my own. Or pay 60 an eighth and that's not happening.
  12. Im living up in boone, but im from durham. I pay about 50 an eighth in boone, and 60 in durham.
  13. I knew there would be someone on here from Boone. I know there is no shortage of fine smoke up your way. I'm way down between Wilkesboro and Statesville.

  14. Yep, up Buffalo Lake Road
  15. I use to live in Charlotte, I go back prob once a month.
  16. You know we rep that 336!
  17. 50-60 an eighth? y'all trippin i coulda bought an eighth of some dankkkk ass kush today for 40 and thats in aberdeen/southern pines

    but instead i got a g for 15
  18. I'm in Durham...I need a new dealer.

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