North Carolina Represent!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by NCToker, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Well from my other post it seems to be a lot of tokers from NC on the boards...

    So how about everyone from North Carolina chime in say what area you are from.

    Concord, just north of Charlotte, here!
  2. this post is calling me so charlotte
  3. hell yeah, im in charlotte. we get some goood buds around here :D
  4. I 2nd the good buds in the charlotte area, i can get dank here in concord, i can also get White Widow a few miles away, and some great 'BC Bud' in another direction, i know UNCC area is loaded with funky herb.

  5. charlotte also seams to have a lot of cocaine lately... and the nugs in charlotte arent bad at all
  6. Washington just outside Greenville. NC IN THE HOUSE
  7. I was just in Charlotte helping my sister move in. Didn't get any trees though.

    My opinion, its too hot and humid down there. I couldn't deal with that heat.
  8. Pembroke right here :D

  9. not so much the heat but the humidity that gets me im FROM dallas texas ;)
  10. I fuckin hate the humidity. Especially when im working in it. its horse shit
  11. Pembroke and tha LBG (BIG UP CROSS CREEK)

    BTW, my grandmother was from Concord. Mr. C's chicken was the spot yo!
  12. Asheville, NC
  13. There is one thing I love about this state I didnt have in utah, bojangles. Best food ever when stoned or sober for that matter.
  14. I too call Asheville "home". Although I currently reside in the "armpit of the south", GA!

    Anyone going to Belechere??
  15. hell yeah man!

  16. i'd like to try some "rainbow" any help with that :)

    and we need to organize and have online meetings... maybe on aim? or some kind of other chat program
  17. Hell, we all seem to be at most a few hours from each other. We should all eat pizza.
  18. I am down with the Pizza idea, if you guys want to have chats or something let me know I wouldnt mind.
  19. just post your aims here mine is Rhinospur
  20. mine is

    We are using a multi-platform IM like "Trillian" right? What time????????

    BTW - what is "Rainbow"?! e-mail me if you can't post it here

    Also, the best pizza in Asheville, NC is served at the "Mellow Mushroom".



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